Sunday, December 30, 2007

Senator Jim Talent (R-MO) speaks to Veterans in Des Moines

Last night the Circle of Friends for American Friends held an event at the Holiday Inn. Representatives of some of the presidential candidates spoke about their candidate's plans to 'put the veterans first.'

Former Senator Jim Talent (R-MO) was there to speak on behalf of Mitt Romney, whom he recently endorsed.

(footage by Heather Turner)

Photos of Barack Obama's Des Moines Headquarters

Barrack Obama's headquarters in Des Moines was filled with enthusiastic young men and women.

The environment was laid back compared to his top competitor Hillary Clinton. Obama will be in Des Moines on Sunday giving a speech at a local school.

Ron Paul Speech - Remaining Footage

(Video by Darin Codon)

Presidential Headlines

(Photos by Heather Turner. Taken in the Capitol building in Des Moines, Iowa)

Minuteman Founder Jim Gilchrist

The controversial efforts of states taking action on immigration after congress failed to pass legislation earlier this year has empowered citizen groups that have taken to task enforcement through their own methods.

The two interviews posted are of Jim Gilchrist founder of the Minuteman Project