Saturday, January 5, 2008

Real Clear Politics 1/5/07 Post Iowa

Real Clear Politics Saturday

Clinton Machine Shaken by Setback - Karen Tumulty, Time
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New Hampshire: McCain 32.7, Romney 27.8 | Obama 33.2, Clinton 31.2
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RCP Morning Edition

The Race Is On - But Where's the Meat? - Michael Barone, Times of London
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It's the Secular Left vs. Christian Left - Mark Steyn, Orange County Register
The Fair Tax Finds Its Moment in the Sun - Justin Fox, Time
Nation Needs Tax-Reform, Not Populism - Larry Kudlow, RealClearPolitics
The Iowa Fallout: A Primer on Momentum - Jay Cost, HorseRaceBlog
Bhutto's Deadly Legacy - William Dalrymple, International Herald Tribune
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How to Remember 1968 - Todd Gitlin, Los Angeles Times
The Politics of Iraq Body Counts - N. Munro & C. Cannon, National Journal
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Political News & Analysis

Obama, Huckabee Challenge the Establishment - Wall Street Journal
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Transcripts & Speeches

Hillary Clinton: Clinton Speaks To N.H. 100 Club
Special Report w/Brit Hume: Panel Looks At Democratic Race
Special Report w/Brit Hume: Roundtable On Republican Race
The NewsHour: Huckabee Reflects On Iowa Win
The Situation Room: Edwards In "The Situation Room"


Zogby/Reuters/C-Span Poll Has John McCain Leading Republicans in New Hampshire

Mitt Romney Close Behind, Mike Huckabee in third and Guiliani fourth.

Hillary Speaks after Iowa Caucus

Barack Obama in New Hampshire

Barrack Obama speaks in New Hampshire in the swell leading to the New Hampshire primaries.

Mike Huckabee Plays Hard Days Night for the first time in Des Moines

Mike Huckabee plays "Hard Days Night" at a Country Club in Des Moines on New Years Eve 2007 four hours before 2008 began.

(Film by Darin Codon of Branson, Missouri)

Senator Joe Biden's Last Stand

The video footage above was shot Jan. 3, 2008 of Senator Joe Biden, then a presidential hopeful making an appearance at the Polk Convention Center in Des Moines, Iowa.

After receiving 1% of the vote Biden backed out of his bid ceding to the public's response. When Iowa's Democratic caucusing moves to a second round, any candidates that have less than 15% of local party support move to the center of the room where party members are seduced by supporters to choose a second round pick. The Democratic party in Iowa performed the quickest agreement among delegates during a challenged race in Iowa.

In the video, Biden says he's ready for New Hamshire. He changed his mind an hour later.
(Video by Darin Codon of Branson, Missouri)

The Republican Caucus in Shelby County (pt 1)

Due to a strenuous travel schedule, this information is getting out a bit late folks. Apologies!

I drove for more than an hour and a half to Shelby county to watch members of the county precincts unite for one night to vote for a presidential candidate and to select local leaders and delegates. A larger crowd than expected turned out, which was the case in caucus meetings all over the state of Iowa January 3rd.

More from the caucus forthcoming.

(footage by Heather Turner)