Tuesday, January 1, 2008

How to Caucus for John McCain

Since the one-time mentioning of the suspicion of me being a spy, I have continued to make friends with many of the McCain campaigners. The leaders don't seem to think I am attempting sabotage (which I am most certainly not!) They realized my media experience could come in handy to the benefit of the McCain campaign. I was more than happy to help direct and produce an intentionally ghetto-style video for the campaigners describing the caucus process and how 'easy and fun it is to caucus for John McCain.' I am just doing my part as a participant and have come to enjoy my work within the campaign over these last 5 days, despite all of the hang-ups I have gotten from making phone calls to Iowans. Today, I went down with a group to a restaurant downtown to hold McCain signs for CNN live-feed coverage. We were then interviewed by NPR! (I heart NPR).

It may not look like it, but this video took a lot of work. The second half, describing the Democrat's caucus process is forthcoming!

Iowa State Capitol Tour with McCain Volunteers

On the second day (Friday) of being embedded within the McCain campaign, I was invited by a few of the volunteers to go out for some pizza. I took my camera along of course, and after I made buddies with Alex, Jason and Mike, they informed me that they suspected that I was a spy.
Apparently it didn't look so good showing up for a few hours to work in the evening dressed like a neo-hippie strapping a very large, professional looking camera. I was then invited to go on a tour to the Iowa state Capitol building in Des Moines, an incredibly beautiful (and old) structure. The law library was breathtaking as was the view of down town Des Moines from the library balcony.

(photos by Heather Turner)

Mike Huckabee and Me

For the first time I took a picture with a candidate... (Who's he sticking his tongue at?)
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Gov. Mike Huckabee's Headquarters

Over the past few days I've spent a lot of time in different headquarters. Huckabee's headquarters sits next to Ron Paul and the differences in culture is profound.

Today, I went upstairs to see Huckabee's HQ on the third floor.

Question time .....for the bloggers....
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Mike Huckabee meets with Bloggers

Blogging up a storm. The bloggers are outnumbered by members of the media. Mike Huckabee said they have 700 people blogging for his campaign.

Huckabee said that Bloggers have had a significant impact on how his website is run...

Chuck Norris just entered the room. Huckabee says Norris helped bring bloggers into his campaign.

PETA Wants Meat Tax

A pig and a cow (two "beings" for a special interest) call for higher taxes on meat.
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Baltimore Sun Reporters Headout For Romney Football House Tour

Gov. Mitt Romney is touring several homes this afternoon to watch football. Number of houses - four - number of reporters - too many to attend.
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Chuck Norris Announces BBQ Party For Huckabee

Chuck Norris asked for money - and pro Huckabee bloggers are asked to promote a mega-Chuck Norris BBQ at his ranch and a virtual tour of the BBQ.

A blogger suggests Huckabee BBQ parties everywhere.

Photo Des Moines Register Poll in front of Des Moines Register

The picture was taken at the Des Moines Register headquarters showing Gov. Mike Huckabee leading for the Republicans and Sen. Barrack Obama leading for the Democrats
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Quick Note from Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris says the martial arts keep kids interested in school - lesson learned from his kick start program.

But Romney hasn't killed anybody

(Click Play to see Huckabee's New Years Eve speech) An hour before launch Republican presidential hopeful Gov. Mike Huckabee pulled an attack campaign ad targeted at Gov. Mitt Romney an hour before it was to be aired.

Huckabee spoke of his commitment to refrain from running attack ads at a Des Moines country club New Year's Eve party last night. Critics weren't impressed citing the fact Huckabee opted to play the ad for the press prior to announcing his decision to "keep it clean."

Part of the speech involved the death penalty - and lack of its application in Romney's home state

It's a long road to the White House and each candidate must walk on a bed of double edge swords before the people can award them leader of the free world.

Dr. Hugh Cort, presidential candidate at veterans event

An interesting character speaking before the Circle of Friends for American Veterans event was Republican presidential candidate, Dr. Hugh Cort. Cort, a psychiatrist from Alabama, was especially charismatic and dead serious with his message, providing a handout describing an Al Qaeda web threat released in August 2007. Cort says he is an "internationally recognized counter-terrorism expert" and the only "true conservative" running for election. Cort claims a disaster is heading towards America that is "a million times worse than 9/11."
Cort was advised by FOX News military analyst, General Tom McInerney, to bomb what they say are 24 nuclear sites in Iran. One of Cort's five questions for America is "Do you want to stop Iran from getting nuclear weapons and starting World War III where 200 million or more people may die?" It may be time to invest in a nice, thick-walled-underground bomb shelter at this rate.

On the ballot in 15 states, Cort stands for balancing the budget by stopping pork barrel spending, wining the Iraq war with another surge, bombing Iran, abolishing the IRS, banning gay marriage, building a border fence along Mexico and preserving Christian traditions.

Footage and story by Heather Turner

Mike Huckabee Rocks New Year's Eve

Chillin' with Huckabee at that country club New Year's Eve was the place to be. Mitt Romney made an appearance early at a venue in downtown Des Moines but retired with his family instead of going to a late night New Year's Party's. Mitt Romney's preparing for an early New Year's Day Football House Party Tour. Hillary Clinton's party was rather anti-climactic - a lot of build up for five minutes of fun. The whole family showed up but the New Year's kiss (part of a script given to the press) didn't demand the size of crowd Clinton hoped for.
From viewing the clips above this text - Huckabee tried harder laying down two songs on the Bass Guitar. The clip above is of Huckabee playing Johnny Be Good a few hours before the ball dropped.