Friday, January 4, 2008

Richardson and McCain supporters juxtaposed for CNN

The media frenzy really began the last few days leading up to the caucus. On the first day of the new year, I went with McCain campaigners to show support with Richardson supporters and a lone Ron Paul supporter at a restaurant in down town Des Moines for a live CNN shot.

(footage by Heather Turner)

NPR Covers the Caucus

(footage by Heather Turner)

Chicago Tribune Writer Jason George - "The swag challenge"


Jason George, feature writer for the Chicago Tribune, is assigned to the Huckabee Presidential bid trail.
While journalists from my home town, Branson seem to have no qualms about "lucrative side businesses" on their beats, George has to abide by an ethical code which limits gifts to - as his employer puts it, "Nothing larger than a key chain."
On January 1st we met up and traveled to a rally for Mike Huckabee at the Val Air, a Des Moines night club which was built in 1939.
Mike liked the "Total Sellout" tag, which I use to disclose any donation larger than 50 cents.
Since I don't have the privilege of working for an internationally respected news organization willing to pay for a spot on the campaign bus, I accept gifts and offer myself immunization through sellout tag disclosure.
For George, I went on a mission to see just how much swag you can get from campaigns. (Details Coming Soon)

Freelancers Hack Internet Access At Marriot (Photo)

A posse of freelancers soak up some bandwidth from the Marriot Photo by Darin Codon of Branson, Missouri Jaunary 1st 2008.

AP Video - Lighweight camera setup

Photo by Darin Codon from Branson, Missouri
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New York Times - Des Moines Bureau

Photo by Darin Codon from Branson, Missouri January 2nd 2008)The New York Times has left the building. For at least a week the New York Times ran a Des Moines bureau with acknowledged culture shock from the writers.

Democrat Results Obama wins big

Barrack Obama - 38%
John Edwards - 30%
Hillary Clinton - 29%
Bill Richardson - 2%
Biden 1%

Iowa Republican Caucus Results: Huckabee outmaneuvers Romney

Mike Huckabee 34%
Mitt Romney 25%
John McCain 13%
Fred Thomson 13%
Ron Paul 10%
Rudy Giuliani 4%
Duncan Hunter 1%