Thursday, December 22, 2011

Iowa Caucus 2012 (12 Days RCP Snapshot)

GOP Goes Into Damage-Control Mode - Dana Milbank, Washington Post
Republican Primary Race Is Set Up for Surprise - Conrad Black, NRO
Reviewing the GOP Dark Horses - Benjy Sarlin, Talking Points Memo
George H.W. Bush Backs Romney for 2012 - Joe Holley, Houston Chronicle
Mitt to Newt: I'd Rather Not Debate You 1 on 1 - Ed Morrissey, Hot Air
The Progressive Honor Roll of 2011 - John Nichols, The Nation
Hate Crime at Williams? - Roger Kimball, PJ Media
Election 2012: Will Endorsements Boost Santorum in Iowa?

RCP Morning Edition

Smaller Is Better: Break Up the Banks - Charles Gasparino, New York Post
Why Obama's Winning Payroll Tax Fight - Noam Scheiber, New Republic
D.C. Clings to the "Both/And" Era of Government - Bill Frezza, Forbes
Newt Challenges Romney to "Test the Heat" - Dan Balz, Washington Post
Gingrich's Bad Judgment Threatens GOP - George Will, Boston Herald
Romney Hits Stride in New Hampshire - Maeve Reston, Los Angeles Times
Mitt, RomneyCare, & Teddy Kennedy - Steve McCann, American Thinker
What Ron Paul Thinks of America - Dorothy Rabinowitz, Wall Street Journal
A New Kim. A New Chance? - Nicholas Kristof, New York Times
2011: Year of Krugman Thuggishness - Brent Bozell, Investor's Business Daily
The Keystone XL Pipeline Scam - Michael Brune, Huffington Post
A Rising U.S. Economy, or a False Dawn? - Annie Lowrey, New York Times
Don't Extend the Idiotic, Evil Payroll Tax Decrease - Louis Woodhill, Forbes
The End of the Chinese Dream - Christina Larson, Foreign Policy
How Quick to the Exits in Afghanistan? - David Ignatius, Washington Post
EPA Tries to Pull a Fast One - Diana Furchtgott-Roth, RealClearMarkets
Who Was Steve Jobs? - Sue Halpern, New York Review of Books


When Gridlock's a Plus: Restore Funds to Social Security - USA Today
House Republicans Refuse to Compromise - Los Angeles Times
Obama Achieving Goal of Higher Energy Prices - Washington Examiner
Egypt's Downward Spiral - Daily Star

Real Clear Politics Video 1 2 3 | More Videos »

Republican Presidential Nomination Polling Average
28.0 Gingrich
24.2 Romney
12.4 Paul
6.4 Perry
6.4 Bachmann
3.8 Santorum
1.8 Huntsman
-- Cain

Real Clear Politics Wednesday

Morning Update
Payroll Tax Cut Unsolved, Congress Packs Up - Mascaro & Hennessey, LAT
Five Ways the Standoff Could End - Major Garrett, National Journal
Don't Blame Tea Party for Tax Cut Fiasco - Charles Hurt, Washington Times
Opportunity Knocks for Obama - Thomas Schaller, Salon
Obama: A Legend in His Own Mind - John Hinderaker, PowerLine
Romney as Nixon? 2012 Offers Unsettling Echo for GOP - Sean Trende, RCP
Can Romney Win the Nomination Without SC? - Holly Bailey, The Ticket
Obama's Going to Run on This Bailout? - Mickey Kaus, Daily Caller
Gingrich's Extremism on Judges - Ruth Marcus, Washington Post
It's Time for Eric Holder to Resign - Ed Morrissey, The Week
Justice Dept in a Climate Crackdown - Donna Laframboise, Financial Post
Ron Paul: Spoiler or Kingmaker? - Peter Wallsten, Washington Post
If Paul Wins Caucuses, Iowa Might Be Loser - Margaret Carlson, Bloomberg
Where No Mortgage News Is Fit to Print - Peter Wallison, The American
How Kim's Death Risks a U.S.-China Crisis - Minxin Pei, The Diplomat
Can Iraq Govern Itself? - Thomas Friedman, New York Times
The Year's Big Winner: Islamism - Pat Buchanan, Pittsburgh Trib-Review

Afternoon Update
Anger Towards DC & Wall St Grows - Walter Russell Mead, American Interest
Payroll Tax Tussle Stinks of Tea - Ana Marie Cox, The Guardian
The Agonizing Death of Europeanism - Steven Hayward, RealClearMarkets
Romney: State Health Mandate Is 'Conservative' - Julian Pecquet, The Hill
Scenarios for the 2012 Republican Primary - Matt Mackowiak, Townhall
Southern Radicals Threatening to Take Over GOP - Robert Reich, Salon
ObamaCare's Lousy, No Good, Really Bad Year - Paul Conner, Daily Caller
Hitchens and Iraq - George Packer, The New Yorker
Hillary as VP Is Best Response to Gingrich - Laura Washington, Chicago ST
Want Prosperity? Try Stable Tax Policy - John Taylor, Wall Street Journal

Transcripts & Speeches

Interview with Presidential Candidate Newt Gingrich - On the Record
Interview with Pres. Candidate Rick Santorum - The Situation Room
Interview with Senator Chuck Schumer - Hardball
Interview with Senator John McCain - Hannity
Interview with Representative Chris Van Hollen - The Ed Show

Best of the Blogs

Capitol Hill Fiasco Shows Obama is No Pushover - J. Tobin, Contentions
A Game of Chicken That Democrats Can Finally Win - Kevin Drum, MJ
Senate Takes a (Payroll Tax) Holiday - J.D. Foster, The Foundry
Romney is Winning the Payroll Tax Cut Fight - Ezra Klein, WonkBlog
Romney Won't Release Tax Returns - Steve Benen, Political Animal

Real Clear Markets

It's Time: Break Up the Banks, End TBTF - Charlie Gasparino, New York Post
The Watchdogs That Didn't Bark - Scot Paltrow, Reuters
Paul Ryan's Old-Fashioned American Vision - Larry Kudlow, RCM
Who Will Fix The US Economy? - Henry Mintzberg, Project Syndicate
Obama Betting on Another Iffy Company? - Edward Morrissey, Fiscal Times

Real Clear World

Nouri al-Maliki Is Pulling Iraq Apart - Shashank Joshi, Daily Telegraph
Iraq Must Divide to Survive - Ranj Alaaldin, The Guardian
Japan Needs a North Korea Reset - Michael Auslin, Wall Street Journal
Why U.S. Should Withdraw from the Persian Gulf - Toby Jones, Atlantic
Do Palestinians Believe in Palestine? - Clifford May, National Review

Real Clear Religion

David Horowitz's Rough-and-Tumble Faith - David Goldman, FPMag
Utah Supreme Court: Unborn Children are Minors - Emiley Morgan, DN
Bansky Sculpture Takes Stab at Catholic Church - Helen Carter, Guardian
The Top Ten Peacemakers in Science v Religion - Paul Wallace, RD
How To Survive the Holidays With Family - Sally Kempton, Patheos

Real Clear Science

Censoring Science Is Sometimes Necessary - Arthur Caplan, CNN Opinion
It's Too Late to Censor Flu Research - Steve Connor, The Independent
Deaf Beethoven Chose Lower-Frequency Notes - Telegraph
No Bird-Brains: Pigeons Can Do Abstract Math - James Gorman, NYT
'Inception': Learn New Skills While Dreaming? - Rob Waugh, Daily Mail

Real Clear Energy

The Persistent Illusion of Jobs, Jobs and More Jobs - Tom Zeller Jr., HuffPo
Canada: If No Keystone XL, We'll Sell Our Oil To... - Editorial, IBD
Peak Oil Is Here, Stocks Will Soar In 2012 - David Clark, Seeking Alpha
What's The Relationship Between Oil And Gold? - John Kingston, Platts
Shale: Time to Look Before We Leap Further - Ranganathan/Kennedy, WRI

Real Clear Sports

LeBron Is Still Best Storyline in NBA - Jason Whitlock, Fox Sports
Racism Charges Put Soccer World on Edge - Jeré Longman, New York Times
End of an Era for Boise State - Paul Myerberg, Pre-Snap Read
Pitino Doing One of His Best Coaching Jobs - Matt Norlander, CBS Sports
Can't Imagine Drew Brees in Another City - Les Carpenter, Yahoo! Sports

Presidential Job Approval

  • Gallup: 43% Approve - 48% Disapprove
  • Rasmussen: 49% Approve - 50% Disapprove
  • RCP Average: 46.9% Approve - 48.4% Disapprove
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