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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Vicente Fox interview with Larry King


Interview with Vicente Fox

Aired October 8, 2007 - 21:00   ET


LARRY KING, HOST: Tonight, Mexico's former president, Vicente Fox. He takes aim in his just published highly personal tell-all and targets President Bush as the most cockiest guy he ever met, calling him "a windshield cowboy."
And that's not the half of it. Castro, Chavez and Clinton are in the crosshairs, too. He spares no one, including himself, revealing why his wife walked out on him and their marriage.

Meet the controversial and candid Vicente Fox next on LARRY KING LIVE.

He has written an extraordinary book. It is just published. The memoir is titled "Revolution of Hope". There you see its cover.

He is the former president of Mexico. He served from 2000 to 2006. You can only serve six years. It's a six year term, the presidency in Mexico, and you cannot run for re-election.

Why the book now?

VICENTE FOX, FORMER PRESIDENT OF MEXICO: Larry, first of all, thank you.


FOX: It's an honor for me to be here for the second time.

KING: It's my honor.

FOX: And I'm very pleased and thank you.

Why now?

I think that in Mexico, we must change some practices that were built during the 72 years of predominance in Mexico. Former presidents would just hide away, run away or disappear. And I think it's key in a democracy that presidents face people, see eye to eye to citizens and work to keep on contributing to the -- to Mexico.

KING: Is this book written for a Mexican audience?

Because it seems like it's for an American audience.

FOX: It is. It is for an American audience because I think that the migration issue is a key issue. It has been for 100 years and it will be the issue of this 21st century. KING: But this...

FOX: So I'm trying to have a dialogue with U.S. public opinion to convey my thinking and my beliefs on this issue.

KING: There's so much to discuss. As I said, it's an extraordinary book. A lot of interest on the relationship between you and President Bush.

How would you describe it?

What is it today?

FOX: Well, it's friendly, as it was from the very beginning. I went to visit him as governor of the State of Guanajuato to his government office in Texas. And from there on, we started building a friendship, because we have the same point of views, we have the same vision, especially on the issue of immigration.

And I think that President Bush really knew in depth the situation of migrants and Mexico.

KING: But the book appears, at times, to be critical.

FOX: It is. And among friends, you have to be very frank. In writing a book, you have to be very frank. And I tried to express very candidly in this book my first impressions in meeting President Bush and other leaders and how the relationship developed, because to people, I think it's very important to see what goes on beyond the -- the scene. And...

KING: OK. You describe you first met him in 1996, both newly minted governors.

FOX: Yes.

KING: You wrote: "My first impression of George Bush was one of total self-confidence. He's quite simply the cockiest guy I have ever met in my life."


Cocky meaning that he doesn't think he's ever wrong?

FOX: Meaning sort of like walking carrying two watermelons like this. And it impressed me.


FOX: Yes, it's self-confidence. It is, in a way, also some other qualities that I don't like to mention to you that are in the book. But at the very end, I think it's very important that the reader gets a clear picture of this relationship, which is a very special one.

KING: Was that a critique to call him very self-confident or was that praise? FOX: No. To me, it's praise, because, you know, that's a key characteristic of a leader and a president. He must have self- confidence. But also he must be humble and listen to people and try to raise from people what will be his public policies.

KING: You refer to him as a windshield cowboy.

What does that mean?

FOX: In San Cristobal, in that summit where we met, rival opponent precedents in that we decided that migration would be our first priority, to work on that issue for a reform. And so walking, talking, we went to see the horses back there on the barn. And when I got there, there's a stallion that I have, which I ride, I used to ride every day. Today I cannot because of doctor's recommendation.

When you have been riding horses since you were two years old, you can notice when somebody gets near in his hand, in the way he touches the horse, you immediately know that he's not a cowboy, that he's never been too much (INAUDIBLE) of a horse.

And that's why the windshield thing, when I came to his farm, because of his invitation to spend the two days, and the two days we would be talking in a very profound dialogue, on him driving the truck and going along the ranch. He drives very well, but I don't think he rides horses very well.

KING: (LAUGHTER). OK. You also said you didn't think he would be elected president.

FOX: When I knew him as governor in Texas, no, I never thought he would. As a matter of fact, I never thought I was going to be president. It just mavericks...

KING: You didn't think you would be president ether?

FOX: No. No. It's just mavericks with a strong commitment, with passion and with self-confidence. But we would get there. And, of course, I was surprised of his winning and I was surprised of my winning.

KING: You also appeared a little resentful of the fact that on the subject of Iraq, you write that you felt that President Bush probably discussed it with Tony Blair but told you.

FOX: Of course. I mean they...

KING: You were not part of the decision?

FOX: They perform as a team, Tony Blair, President Aznar from Spain and President Bush. And all three of them tried to bring me into their position. But after analyzing and reflecting on the issue, and after seeing that there were no proofs of those mass destructive arms in Iraq, plus the fact that I always have thought that the United Nations has a role to play and multilateralism is the way to go. And so if we created the United Nations -- the United States, Mexico and other nations -- we must back him up and we must make sure that they do their job and not just shortcut them and go around them.

KING: So, Mr. President, no Mexican troops went to Iraq, right?

FOX: No. No. Mexican troops are not allowed to go anywhere. According to our constitution, we cannot even support the United Nations Corps -- Army Corps.

KING: Mexican troops can not fight ever?

FOX: Well, they did against the United States when they invaded our territory...

KING: I know, but...

FOX: ...against the French...

KING: But, basically, you can't go to war?

FOX: Never Mexico has gone out for a war. That would be taking an issue to them being aggressive happen. Usually Mexico, or always Mexico has defended itself and its territory.

KING: Do you think the Iraq War is a mistake?

FOX: Yes, I do. A mistake and it is creating a bad image to this great nation of the United States. Let me tell you that I love the United States. I part of this great nation because my grandfather was born here, in Cincinnati, Ohio. He took a horse, back in 1895, and ride it all the way down to Guanajuato, looking for his American dream. No penny in his pocket, only dreams in his head. And he was an immigrant coming from the States into Mexico. And he found his American dream in Mexico.

KING: We'll be right back with Vicente Fox.

His new memoir is "Revolution of Hope".

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GEORGE BUSH, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: And I want to thank the president for his strong leadership and his recognition that democracy is a very important legacy.




LOU DOBBS, HOST, "LOU DOBBS TONIGHT": President Vicente Fox of Mexico declaring U.S. plans to build a 700-mile fence along our border with Mexico an embarrassment. FOX: It is a country of migrants. You can see it there all throughout the United States. People from everywhere in the world -- hardworking and building a great nation.

BUSH: Ours is an immigration of immigrants. We're also a nation of law. Unfortunately, the United States has not been in complete control of its borders for decades and, therefore, illegal immigration has been on the rise.


KING: Vicente Fox is our guest.

His new memoir is "Revolution of Hope".

You said earlier that you and the president, President Bush, agree on this immigration issue. The president was defeated on it. He was looking to be more hopeful about possibly extending a time period where people could become citizens. On the other side, they want to build -- build a mountain -- well, they want to build -- you want to build hills and mountains and craters and whatever they can to prevent the Mexicans from going in.

Do you understand why this such a touchy issue in the United States?

FOX: Yes. Yes. I understand and I want to go back, Larry, to September the 11th, that very sad day in this nation. That aggression of terrorism was fatal to what we were building in relation to migration. I just had the honor to be addressing both houses in Congress just four days in advance of September 11. And everything seemed to be going very fluently into an approval of that reform.

But then, unfortunately, September 11 came and things changed and priorities changed. But later on, when we were approaching the issue again, then elections came. And the story I got from President Bush and from people here in the States is that right now is not a good time. We are in elections. So wait until after the elections.

And then manana and manana we Mexicans use, started to be used here.

So after that election, again, we came back to the subject, because it's a 100-year-old subject, immigration. I mean, as my grandfather came to Mexico, hundreds of thousands of Europeans came to Ellis Island, New York, or came to Puerto Veracruz into Mexico by the thousands.

KING: They were legal, were they not?

FOX: Well, they were and they were not. I mean this country needed then that labor, that energy. And today, those who come in, it's because they have a job and because somebody hires them here -- either a family, either a small business, either a big business. They do have a job. And so I am not claiming for open borders to everybody. What I am claiming for is a decision, an intelligent decision with a vision to the future, because the United States needs that energy to support the elderly, to support the pension plans, to be competitive in front of Asia and China. And it's a must.

So and let's do it orderly. Let's plan ahead and let's administrate...

KING: So...

FOX: ...immigration as a -- as a win-win situation to everybody.

KING: You would be against the United States building a wall?

FOX: Absolutely. Yes. I cannot understand why this land of the free -- why the spirit of the founding fathers has changed. This nation opened the markets in the world, led the world to globalization, came in with the products and their exports to everyone in the world. And today, the United States is isolating themselves from the rest of the world.

Who is going to stay inside that wall and who is going to stay outside?

KING: Do you know of CNN's Lou Dobbs?

Do, you know Lou Dobbs?

FOX: Yes. Yes, I know him. Yes.

KING: And you know he is kind of leading a fight against illegal immigration?

Do you take issue with him?

FOX: I'm (INAUDIBLE). I'd love to have a debate with him, because what I was going to say that Andy Grove, the president of Intel, coming from abroad and contributing to this nation's economy or my dear paisanos, which are all over the United States, working hard, being loyal to this nation, contributing to its productivity and contributing to the management of its economy.

It wasn't work, Larry. It just don't work.

KING: The Mexican president, Felipe Calderon. And you are an admirer of his, right?

FOX: Of course.

KING: Yes. In his state of the union address said, "I have said that Mexico does not stop at its border, that wherever there is a Mexican, there is Mexico."

Do you agree with that?

FOX: Yes. Yes. But I also put my feet on the ground or my boots on the ground. And I understand the problem. But we must deal with problems. We must deal with challenges. And we must come with the right solutions. And I think that immigration can become a win-win situation to everybody. And the number one winner of administrating immigration and doing an orderly and planned flow of immigrants is the United States, the very first beneficiary.

KING: We are asking a question to our audience as we go to break -- should illegal immigrants be allowed to get driver's licenses in the United States?

That's tonight's quick vote on our Web site, You go vote and we'll will ask president Fox about it when we come back.


FOX: Viva Mexico!


FOX: Viva Mexico!


FOX: Viva Mexico!




KING: Vicente Fox, by the way, is the second of nine children. He's been a rancher. He's been a boot maker. He was CEO of Coca-Cola in Mexico. Quite a life. Quite a career. And he's the author of "Revolution of Hope".

That question we asked going out, driver's licenses to illegal immigrants, think...

FOX: Well, I was a truck driver in Coca-Cola. I started as a truck driver...

KING: A truck driver?

FOX: ...delivering Coca Cola. Yes, and then became president 10 years after.

KING: Not bad.

FOX: But, Larry, I think it's very important to pass from a regular situation that the market is administrating. And those who are here, it's because they have a job and they have an income. And so what would be better, either have uncertainty, unsecurity in not knowing who is here or really knowing who is here, plan and order the flow of migration, and give a driver's license, because you need a driver's license only to those who know how to drive, and you will be much more secure to have those guys driving with a driver's license, the insurance and everything all together, instead of them driving without a license and without any I.D.

KING: Because if they don't have a license, they're are going to drive a car anyway, is what you're saying?

FOX: Yes. Yes.

KING: Even though our audience, 75 percent say no, that illegal immigrants should not have that.

FOX: Well, the challenge of this book is trying to convey the message that we must deal with immigration in a different way, because I think that fear today is running this nation. It is very unfortunate.

KING: By the way, you can still vote.

We have an e-mail question for you, Mr. President, from Manuel in Dallas: "I understand why people from Mexico come to the United States. They're seeking employment. Don't the leaders of Mexico feel ashamed that so many of their countrymen are leaving to find a better life in a country rather than their own?"

FOX: Partially, yes. That's partially true, this comment. It's our main obligation, our first obligation, to build up these opportunities in Mexico for our own people. We'd like to have Italians working for the Mexican economy and building our nation. And our people would like to stay at home, would like rather to have tortillas, enchiladas and frijoles than having hamburgers and hotdogs here in this nation.

But this a fact now -- hundreds of thousands of U.S. citizens are working in Mexico or Latin America. Not all those who come here are doing it because of hunger and because they don't have nothing to eat. They just want to upgrade themselves. And that's what my grandfather did.

He, by the way, he was born the very same day that President Abraham Lincoln was shot to death -- April the 14th of 1865. And he took these core values of the founding fathers with him down to Mexico. And this where I inherited it. This is my nourishment in my childhood from my grandfather -- work hard, be good, believe in democracy, believe in freedom.

And now that we, all of the nations of the world, have accepted open, free markets, here comes the United States and builds up a wall and isolates from the rest of the world.

What is that for?

KING: Do you understand why so many Americans are so emotional on the topic?

Because their grandfather came to the country and they came to Ellis Island or wherever and they came legally.

So the question to them is why not come legally? FOX: That's a fine proposal. Let's do it legally. Let's request -- and this is request to Congress and the United States -- let's decide an immigration reform so that we can have an orderly flow of migration, so that only those who have a job here can stay, because they are hired by families, they are hired by small businesses, they are hired for construction, they are hired to pick up apples in Washington or crops -- the vegetables in California.

I mean I saw them working, building luxurious hotels in Vegas, I mean, by the hundreds. I mean 90 percent of them, you need them here. This economy needs 400,000 new jobs every year coming from abroad because you don't have it here.

KING: So you like the proposal of those illegals, there ought to be a system to make them legal?

FOX: Yes...


FOX: long as they have a job here. If not, they should be sent back. And those who would have a job in the future, let him come to work temporarily. And nobody has to be having problems with that. They will come documented. They come with their family. They work here. They contribute with loyalty to this economy, and they go back home. That would be the best. Let's use the intelligence and let's use a positive approach to this issue.

KING: Have you have spoken to President Bush recently at all?

FOX: Not recently. My last conversation with him was the very last day I watched in government in Mexico. He gave me a phone call. And I still think of him as a very good friend. And he tried hard to get this out of Congress. But, again, elections or any other explanation refrained this nation from taking sound decisions, because how is going this nation to compete with Asia?

How -- I mean Barack Obama says he is against globalization and he is against immigration. And he speaks about this example of Maytag Company. The thing that Barack Obama doesn't know is that Maytag Company would have closed its door anyway, because it couldn't compete. So they opened their factory in Guanajuato, in my state, and they compete again. They are back to life. They're creating jobs in Mexico and they are creating jobs here in the States.

KING: More with Vicente Fox when we come back.

We'll include your phone calls, too; more e-mails, as well.

His new book is "Revolution of Hope: The Life, Faith and Dreams of a Mexican President."

Don't go away.

Jimmy Carter tomorrow night.

Don't go away.


KING: We're back with Vicente Fox, and we will move to other things in the book but we're going to stay on this immigration thing, obviously, the hottest topic. We have an e-mail question from Patricia, Oxnard, California: "Why should the American public have to pay for medical care of illegal immigrants from Mexico? Why shouldn't we be able to bill the government of Mexico for care given to their citizens?"

FOX: Patricia, let me tell you that you're not paying for medical care for undocumented workers. I have the case of Adrian (ph), 8-year-old kid in San Antonio, Texas, presented to me by the students of Trinity University. And he was not going to be attended.

He needed a heart transplant and he needed to raise half a million dollars and nobody would be helping. So we came in, Marta and myself, we called press and we called people and that night we raised $250,000.

And the kid, we got a humanitarian visa from the U.S. government to be able to stay here to take him to Little Rock, to the children's hospital. And my eternal thanks to the personnel of the Children's Hospital in Little Rock, in Arkansas, because they did a great job. And Adrian's life was saved.

He visited Marta and myself in Rancho San Cristobal a week ago. So I mean, that's the kind of thing we should be looking at. Again, I say, let's not build walls. Let's build bridges. Let's build bridges that will work for building prosperity among ourselves and our nations.

KING: Earlier today in an interview, your successor, President Calderon said that anti-immigration sentiment in the United States is fuelling anti-American feelings in Mexico. Do you see -- if you agree, what is the implication of this?

FOX: Well, what I see is fear dominating people here -- or some people here because it's still, I would say that a majority of your citizens would go along with a reform, done with a proper intelligence and solve this problem once and for all and convert it into win-win situation.

And so to me, migration is an asset to the United States. The United States is losing jobs to China, to Asia, to Europe. The automobile industry in the United States is going broke and losing market share every day. And when we get together, Mexico's capacities, Canadian capacities, United States' capacities, and we build up NAFTA cooperations, then they become competitive and they can be in world markets.

KING: Are you interested in the United States' presidential race?

FOX: Of course. Like everybody else in the world, we would like to see back this leadership of the United States.

KING: Do you have any favorite?

FOX: Difficult to say because when you listen to candidates, everywhere, they talk too much. They concrete things very little. And -- but a lady would be my choice.

KING: Hillary.

FOX: A lady would be my choice.

KING: There ain't no other lady running.

FOX: Because I think that women show their vision, their capacities, their emotions, their passion, their compassion. And to me governments and politicians need huge doses of that of religion, of spiritual values, of letting themselves be guided by God and not just polls.

KING: So you're saying more women should be elected?

FOX: Yes, yes.

KING: So it would be Hillary Clinton, you would not mind if she...

FOX: No, of course not.

KING: OK. Obviously. What do you think of her husband?

FOX: Great man. And this is the inspiration. Carter, that is going to be here with you tomorrow -- President Carter, President Clinton, that there is life after the presidency. I have learned from them. And...

KING: You're in the same boat as them.


FOX: ... Mexican presidents would do, build up libraries, invest your time and your effort and keep helping humanity, and keep developing human capital. And look at President Carter. He is going to end up eradicating trachoma, whereby, because of bad water people lose their sight. They cannot see anymore.

And I would like to help President Carter. I would like to help President Clinton. And we are associating our different libraries, the one I'm constructing in Mexico, the Fox Center, and associate with them. And we are associated with the Rand Corporation in Santa Monica, California, the largest think tank in the world. They are going to open an office in San Cristobal, in the farm by the side of the center so that we will work on developing knowledge and research together.

KING: Other leaders you have met, Chavez. FOX: Chavez. In that book, I'm aggressive with Chavez. I'm aggressive with Lopez Obrador in Mexico. I'm aggressive with Bolivia's Evo Morales. I'm aggressive with Correa in Ecuador because they are lying to people. They are demagoguers, they are populists. And they are just spending the little money that we have in the budgets.

KING: Have you met them?

FOX: Yes, of course. I spent a lot of time with Chavez until the most recent meetings where we -- everybody would just stand up and go away because he would take the microphone and he was allowed to speak for three minutes and there were 30 minutes and he still kept talking and three hours and he kept talking. I mean...

KING: What about Castro?

FOX: Castro, I have respect. Public education in Cuba is good, the best in Latin America. Health system is good in Cuba. And sports, they are very competitive. But in human rights, in democracy, and in freedom, they are totally, totally in the past. So I denounce that from Castro, and I hope Cuba will move after Castro era into a democratic nation.

You know, this dream of Chavez to become the Castro of the 21st Century, to the cost of the poor in Venezuela, to the cost of Venezuelan citizens. I mean, spending the money of the oil which belongs to Venezuelans and he's putting that money in other companies and in other nations. I mean, it's not fair.

KING: Vicente Fox is our guest. The former president of Mexico. The book is "Revolution of Hope." We will be right back.


FOX: Of course, I would like to be remembered as a working president. That I have invested every second and every minute of my six years of government working for Mexico, working for citizens.



KING: Welcome back. The book is "Revolution of Hope." The guest is Vicente Fox, the former president of Mexico. We have a caller. Monrovia, California, hello.

CALLER: Hello, Larry. This is for President Fox.

KING: Yes.

CALLER: When you took over the presidency of Mexico -- this is two questions in one. When you took over the presidency of Mexico, the country was in a big economic crisis, right? So why then before you occupied the presidential residence, you remodeled it with expensive European furniture, not to forget the $600 towels? FOX: Four hundred...

KING: Six hundred -- $400? Was there a problem with the ranch and the...

FOX: Yes, yes. That's the claim of opposition in Mexico. Number one, I was the first person ever, and the first public servant that made public its financial statement, my personal financial statement since I have been in politics. Every year I make it public. I'm not obliged to do so. And they are on the net, There you can see what I have, what I owe. There you can see my income every year and my expenses every year.

Yes, I have assets. I have what I consider a very nice home. But I worked for it, 15 years in Coca-Cola. Work for it farming on the farm. Of course, I inherited this historical patrimony from my grandfather. He bought that farm back in 1910, 100,000 silver dollars he paid for -- silver pesos, he paid for it. In the middle of the revolution, a guy that would not speak Spanish but had built that money in 10 years working as a night watchman...


KING: Then where do these claims come from?

FOX: Opposition. You know, I'm running again. I decided that I cannot stay at home. Marta and I decided that we have to keep pursuing our dreams and working for people. So I'm president of International Center Ideology Parties of the World (ph). In Rome two weeks ago I was appointed president. I'm writing this book which stands for the values I believe in and I defend.

KING: What does this organization do?

FOX: That's the organization that conducts and gathers all political parties of center ideology of the world, 88 different...

KING: Center?

FOX: Center. Eighty-eight different political parties. And the thing is that the PRI has not -- some PRIstas in Mexico have not yet digested that they lost power back in year 2000. And the PRD, the left party in Mexico, has not digested, these former PRIstas, that they did not win the presidency last year. That it was won by Calderon.

KING: Can you go back and run again?

FOX: No, no re-election in Mexico. Six-year term and that's it. And I would not go back.

KING: More to come. But first let's check in with Soledad O'Brien. She's sitting in for Anderson Cooper. She will host "AC 360" at the top of the hour.

What's up, Soledad? SOLEDAD O'BRIEN, CNN ANCHOR: Hey, Larry, good evening to you. It's new numbers to tell you about in the race for the White House tonight. Hillary Clinton pulling ahead of her fellow Democrats. Is she unbeatable now, or is she peaking too soon? We will take a look at that.

Also ahead, record heat, dangerous conditions. A marathon mess in Chicago. Runners rushed to the hospital. We will tell you the story behind the meltdown there.

And is your home on shaky ground? We will look at what's triggering landslides across the country.

That's all coming up next on "360." Larry, back to you.

KING: Thanks, Soledad. That's at 10:00 Eastern, 7:00 Pacific. Back with more of former President Fox right after this.


KING: This is a very honest book. And Vicente Fox writes of his first wife, Lilian, leaving him for another man. What was that like?

FOX: Difficult, very difficult, not only for me but for the family and for the kids. But fortunately, I got a couple of good advices. One seeing the picture, "Kramer Against (sic) Kramer" -- or "Kramer Against (sic) Kramer"...

KING: Yes.

FOX: That was a big lesson for me. Helped me coming along and helped my kids. I think that picture was very, very important to our lives. And at the same time economic problems in the business in farming and at the same time the challenge of getting the PRI out of Los Pinos, which was very complicated. A lot of pressure and resistance, menaced us every day. But thanks to God and in keeping myself as strong -- spiritually strong, corporeal and...

KING: Was it a shock?

FOX: Not a shock, because it was a big problem. It was very sad. But I just came over it and...


KING: And you're happily married now, are you not?

FOX: You know, my family, right in San Cristobal -- and San Cristobal is my Tara of "Gone with the Wind." It's a place to go back. It's the place where you get strength, where you get strong. It's a place where mother -- my mom, Mercedes, would receive us, would give us all of the power that we needed to come out. And the unity of the family. That's key. That's one of the core values of Mexican culture.

KING: Your wife is here with you tonight. FOX: Yes, Marta is right here. And she was my partner -- professional partner in politics for years. Smart lady. And later on, she was divorced. I was divorced. And finally we married in the year 2001.

KING: We have a Latino candidate in America, the governor of New Mexico. I imagine you know Bill Richardson well.

FOX: Yes, Bill.

KING: What do you think of him?

FOX: Excellent man. I mean, he's so Mexican in his interior, I like him a lot. And he's a good governor. Good man.

KING: An e-mail from Saul in Houston -- "Why was the crime rate so high in Mexico City and other big Mexican cities like Tijuana and Nuevo Laredo during your term?"

FOX: Long story. And that's one of the challenges that I tried to meet with all the power of the state, with all the budget, reorganizing and pooling all the talent. But it's where I'm more unsatisfied.

Organized crime in Mexico is a tough, tough deal to -- to confront and very difficult to gain, because it's an international problem. It's this huge market we have of drugs here in the United States, it's those producing countries from the south, and Mexico in between. So it's a joint responsibility. We must work together, put all the strengths, like Calderon is putting, and work together with U.S. authorities.

Fortunately, this economic support that United States is going to put in Mexico to fight crime, it's one step forward. And I'm sure that sooner or later, crime will be defeated in Mexico.

KING: We have a caller from Albuquerque, New Mexico. Hello.

CALLER: Hi. Good evening, Larry.


CALLER: Buenos noches, Presidente Fox.

FOX: Buenos noches.

CALLER: (SPEAKING SPANISH). I am from Chihuahua. (SPEAKING SPANISH). And my question is, what is happening where the U.S. is looking at so many immigrants that are coming to try to do what they can for this country, trying to have a better life? And our faces are gone. Our people are gone. The humanity is gone. We are not cockroaches scurrying in the night trying to see what we can get. We bring what we can to this country and we give what we can to this country. I have never taken from the U.S...

KING: What is your question? CALLER: ... that I did not give. So why is it all about the dollar bill? Where is the humanity of it all? If we are trying to have a better life and we are giving of ourselves, why is it all about the dollar bill?

KING: All right. Mr. President? Thank you.

FOX: Well, it's clear. My proposal is that we should work on making rules, legal reform, so that this issue can be managed orderly. Because it cannot be just open borders. That I understand. It cannot just be that. But it can be an association of working capital and working people to make sure that we are competitive, and that both of our economies benefit from this.

KING: We will be back with our remaining moments with Vicente Fox, the former president of Mexico. His book is "Revolution of Hope." Don't go away.


HARRIS WHITBECK, CNN CORRESPONDENT: July 2nd, 2000, the day Vicente Fox was elected president of Mexico, ending 71 years of rule by the Revolutionary Institutional Party. The perfect dictatorship, as it was once described, was gone. And Fox, a former Coca-Cola executive turned politician, suddenly saw himself at the helm of Latin America's second largest economy, a country of 100 million people who were not sure how to live in a democracy, but who celebrated the man who would help them usher it in.



KING: Back with an e-mail from Christopher. "Why does President Calderon appear to be taking a harsher stand towards drug interdiction in Mexico than your administration?"

Do you agree with that?

FOX: Well, he's putting a very strong drive on fighting crime, no doubt. And I really applaud him for that. He's doing a great job there.

I did my own planning and my own things, and I think building a nation is a process. Dealing (ph) crime, it's a process.

KING: Drugs a big problem? Drugs a big problem?

FOX: It is a very big problem.

KING: Because President Bush has pledged a robust package of anti-drug aid for Mexico?

FOX: Yes, $1 billion, for two years. And let me tell you, it's a big problem now in a different way, because now our youth is consuming drugs. The drugs that are not crossing, because we're successful in retaining them and combating the traffic, now they are being sold in Mexico, and our youth is being contaminated with this evil of drugs. So Mexico today not only has the problem of traffic, has the problem of production, but has the problem of consumption.

KING: It's a worldwide problem.

FOX: So we have to work together.

KING: Do you fear that a part of the illegal immigration problem is terrorism?

FOX: No, not at all. It's totally different business. Absolutely different.

KING: You don't equate the two?

FOX: No, absolutely not.

KING: E-mail from Mrs. Gonzalez in Elizabeth, New Jersey. "Mr. Fox, I would like to know how you feel about the possibility of having a Latin America united with one currency?"

FOX: Long term, very long term. What we propose together, President Bush and myself, it's ALCA, which is a trade union for all of the Americas. And everything was running fluently until Hugo Chavez came. He decided to isolate himself. He decided to combat the idea and destroy the idea...

KING: It's going to be like the euro dollar, you mean?

FOX: Well, that would be long, long term. I think the processes to go, first step into is trading agreement. And then further on, a new vision, like we are trying to do with NAFTA.

KING: How is NAFTA doing?

FOX: Excellent. Mexico's seventh largest trading economy in the world. Mexico trades more products and services than all of Latin America together, including Brazil, Argentina and all of them. And Mexico buys -- and this people don't know -- Mexico buys from the United States more products and services than what Italy, France, Germany and Britain do together. So we account for hundreds of thousands of jobs in this economy in the U.S.

KING: An honor seeing you again. We'll make the next visit not so long.

FOX: Thank you very much. And you're invited to the inauguration of Centro Fox in Rancho San Cristobal.

KING: I will be honored to be there.

FOX: And all of you, of course, too.

KING: Vicente Fox. The book, "Revolution of Hope." Head to our Web site, Email an upcoming guest or question for the guest. Participate in immigration quick vote. There's still time to vote. You can check out our special Kid Rock web extra. Or download our Whoopi Goldberg podcast. It's all at


Friday, February 22, 2008

Talking Points Memo

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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

John McCain's Wisconsin Victory Speech

McCain's Wisconsin Victory Speech

John McCain

COLUMBUS, OH — Thank you, my friends, for your support and dedication to our campaign. And thank you, Wisconsin, for bringing us to the point when even a superstitious naval aviator can claim with confidence and humility that I will be our party's nominee for President. I promise you, I will wage a campaign with determination, passion and the right ideas for strengthening our country that prove worthy of the honor and responsibility you have given me.

I, again, want to commend Governor Huckabee, who has shown impressive grit and passion himself, and whom, though he remains my opponent, I have come to admire very much. And, of course, I want to thank my wife, Cindy, and my daughter, Meghan, who are here tonight, and the rest of my family for their indispensable love and encouragement.

My friends, we have traveled a great distance together already in this campaign, and overcome more than a few obstacles. But as I said last week, now comes the hard part and, for America, the bigger decision. Will we make the right changes to restore the people's trust in their government and meet the great challenges of our time with wisdom, and with faith in the values and ability of Americans for whom no challenge is greater than their resolve, courage and patriotism? Or will we heed appeals for change that ignore the lessons of history, and lack confidence in the intelligence and ideals of free people?

I will fight every moment of every day in this campaign to make sure Americans are not deceived by an eloquent but empty call for change that promises no more than a holiday from history and a return to the false promises and failed policies of a tired philosophy that trusts in government more than people. Our purpose is to keep this blessed country free, safe, prosperous and proud. And the changes we offer to the institutions and policies of government will reflect and rely upon the strength, industry, aspirations and decency of the people we serve.

We live in a world of change, some of which holds great promise for us and all mankind and some of which poses great peril. Today, political change in Pakistan is occurring that might affect our relationship with a nuclear armed nation that is indispensable to our success in combating al Qaeda in Afghanistan and elsewhere. An old enemy of American interests and ideals is leaving the world stage, and we can glimpse the hope that freedom might someday come to the people of Cuba. A self-important bully in Venezuela threatens to cut off oil shipments to our country at a time of sky-rocketing gas prices. Each event poses a challenge and an opportunity. Will the next President have the experience, the judgment experience informs, and the strength of purpose to respond to each of these developments in ways that strengthen our security and advance the global progress of our ideals? Or will we risk the confused leadership of an inexperienced candidate who once suggested invading our ally, Pakistan, and sitting down without pre-conditions or clear purpose with enemies who support terrorists and are intent on destabilizing the world by acquiring nuclear weapons?

The most important obligation of the next President is to protect Americans from the threat posed by violent extremists who despise us, our values and modernity itself. They are moral monsters, but they are also a disciplined, dedicated movement driven by an apocalyptic zeal, which celebrates murder, has access to science, technology and mass communications, and is determined to acquire and use against us weapons of mass destruction. The institutions and doctrines we relied on in the Cold War are no longer adequate to protect us in a struggle where suicide bombers might obtain the world's most terrifying weapons.

If we are to succeed, we must rethink and rebuild the structure and mission of our military; the capabilities of our intelligence and law enforcement agencies; the purposes of our alliances; the reach and scope of our diplomacy; the capacity of all branches of government to defend us. We need to marshal all elements of American power: our military, economy, investment, trade and technology and our moral credibility to win the war against Islamic extremists and help the majority of Muslims, who believe in progress and peace, win the struggle for the soul of Islam.

The challenges and opportunities of the global economy require us to change some old habits of our government as well. But we will fight for the right changes; changes that understand our strengths and rely on the common sense and values of the American people. We will campaign:

to balance the federal budget not with smoke and mirrors, but by encouraging economic growth and preventing government from spending your money on things it shouldn't; to hold it accountable for the money it does spend on services that only government can provide in ways that don't fail and embarrass you;

to save Social Security and Medicare on our watch without the tricks, lies and posturing that have failed us for too long while the problem became harder to solve;

to make our tax code simpler, fairer, flatter, more pro-growth and pro-jobs;

to reduce our dangerous dependence on foreign oil with an energy policy that encourages American industry and technology to make our country safer, cleaner and more prosperous by leading the world in the use, development and discovery of alternative sources of energy;

to open new markets to American goods and services, create more and better jobs for the American worker and overhaul unemployment insurance and our redundant and outmoded programs for assisting workers who have lost a job that's not coming back to find a job that won't go away;

to help Americans without health insurance acquire it without bankrupting the country, and ruining the quality of American health care that is the envy of the world;

to make our public schools more accountable to parents and better able to meet the critical responsibility they have to prepare our children for the challenges they'll face in the world they'll lead.

I'm not the youngest candidate. But I am the most experienced. I know what our military can do, what it can do better, and what it should not do. I know how Congress works, and how to make it work for the country and not just the re-election of its members. I know how the world works. I know the good and the evil in it. I know how to work with leaders who share our dreams of a freer, safer and more prosperous world, and how to stand up to those who don't. And I know who I am and what I want to do.

I don't seek the office out of a sense of entitlement. I owe America more than she has ever owed me. I have been an imperfect servant of my country for many years. I have never lived a day, in good times or bad, that I haven't been proud of the privilege. Don't tell me what we can't do. Don't tell me we can't make our country stronger and the world safer. We can. We must. And when I'm President we will.

Thank you, and God bless you.


Sunday, February 17, 2008

Colin Powell to Republican Delegates 1996

"I come before you this evening as a retired soldier.- a fellow citizen who has lived the American Dream to its full, as one who believes in that dream and as one who wants that dream to come to a reality for every American. My parents came to this country as immigrants over 70 years ago. They came here as did millions of others with nothing but hope and a willingness to work hard and a desire to seize the opportunities given to them by their new land.

"They found work that enabled them to raise a family; work that allowed them to come home every Friday night with the fruits of their labor - a decent wage that brought sustenance, and more importantly, brought dignity into our home. They raised two children to whom they gave precious gifts - a set of core beliefs, a value system founded on a clear understanding of the difference between right and wrong, and a belief in the Almighty. Integrity, kindness, doctrines that were right - lying, crime, violence, intolerance, drugs were wrong, and even worse than wrong in my family - they were shameful! We were taught that hard work and education were the keys to success.

"My sister and I were taught to believe in ourselves. We might be considered poor, but we were rich in spirit. We might be black and considered second-class citizens, but stick with it because we were Americans! Justice will eventually triumph and the powerful series of promises of the founding fathers will come true. We were taught by my parents - always, always, always believe in miracles!

"My parents found here a compassionate land, with a compassionate people. They found a government that protected their labor, educated their children and provided help to those of their fellow citizens who were needy. They found their dream in America and they passed that dream on to their children. Here tonight over 70 years after they landed on these shores, their son has been given the privilege of addressing the Republican party, assembled in convention to present to the American people our vision of how that dream can be passed on to future generations.

"Our vision first and foremost rests on values - values, because values are the conscience of a society. Values that must be lived, not just preached. Children learn values by watching their parents in their homes, values that are then re-enforced in their churches and places of worship, in their schools and in their communities in which they live. Values fuel families, families that are bound together by love and commitment, families that have the strength to withstand the assaults of contemporary life, to resist the images of violence and vulgarity that flood into our lives every day. Families that come together to defeat the scourge of drugs and crime and incivility that threatens us. That's why we Republicans believe that the family, fueled by values, must be restored to a central place in American life if we are to keep the dream alive!

"Yet, families cannot thrive and pass on these beliefs if parents cannot bring home a decent living wage from a hard day's work. We Republicans believe that a good job, needed to sustain families, come from a faster growing economy where the free enterprise system is unleashed to create wealth, wealth which produces more good jobs.

"In this richest nation on earth we still have not solved the problems of poverty, hunger or health care or adequate housing, all of which tear away at the roots of strong families. But government assistance is a poor substitute for good jobs.

"That's why we are the pro-growth party. We are the party committed to lessening the burden of taxes, cutting government regulations and reducing government and cutting government spending - all for the purpose of generating the higher economic growth that will bring better jobs, wages and living standards for ALL our people!

"At the same time, let us never step back from compassion. The compassion we must convey to the American people is that we fight for health care reform, we fight for welfare reform, and other reforms, not just to save money, but because we believe that there are better ways to take care of Americans in need than the exhausted programs of the past.

"We must be firm, but we must also be fair. We must make sure that reduced government spending does not single out the poor and the middle class. Corporate welfare, welfare for the wealthy must be first in line for elimination. All of us, all of us, my friends, all of us must be willing to do with less from government if we are to avoid condemning our children and grandchildren with a crushing burden of debt which will deny them the American dream. We all need to understand that it is the entitlementsstate that must be reformed, and not just the welfare state.

"We must not think that all of government is the enemy. Ineffective government, excessive government, wasteful government, - that is the kind of government we Republicans intend to defeat. A nation as great and as diverse as America deserves leadership that opens its arms not only to those who already reaped the rewards of the American dream but to those who struggle and strive each day against daunting odds to make that dream come true.

"The Republican Party must always be the party of inclusion. The Hispanic immigrant that became a citizen yesterday must be as precious to us as a Mayflower descendent. The descendent of a slave or struggling minor in Appalachia must be as welcome and must find as much appeal in our party as in any other party or in any other American life. It is our diversity that has made us strong. Yet our diversity throughout our American history has also been a source of discrimination which we as guardians of the American dream must rip out branch and root.

"It is our party, the party of Lincoln, that must always stand with equal rights and fair opportunity for all. And where discrimination still exists, where the scars of past discrimination still contaminate and disfigure the present, let us not close our eyes to it and declare there is a level playing field and hope that it will go away by itself. It did not in the past. It will not in the future. Let the party of Lincoln be in the forefront, leading the crusade, not only to cut off and kill discrimination, but to open every avenue of educational and economic opportunity to those who are still denied access because of their race, ethnic background or gender.

"I have been asked many times why I became a Republican. I became a Republican because, like you, I believe it best represents the principles of freedom, opportunity, and limited government upon which our nation was founded. I became a Republican because I believe the policies of our party will lead to greater economic growth, which is the only real solution to the problems of poverty which keep too many Americans from sharing in the wealth of this nation. I became a Republican, because, like you, I believe that the federal government has become too large and too intrusive in our lives. We can no longer afford solutions to our problems that result in more entitlements, higher taxes to pay for them, more bureaucracy to run them and fewer results to show for it.

"I became a Republican because I believe America must remain the leader of the free world. Republican leadership, a Republican president will bring greater conviction and coherence to our foreign policy and will guarantee that our armed forces will remain the strongest and most capable on earth! I became a Republican because I want to help build the big tent that our has raised to attract all Americans.

"You all know that I believe in a woman's right to choose and I strongly support affirmative action. I was invited here to share my views with you because we are big enough party and big enough people to disagree on individual issues and still work together for our primary goal.

"Let us take our fates to our fellow citizens with respect for their intelligence and fair- mindedness. Let us debate our differences with the Democrats strongly but with a civility and absence of acrimony that the American people long for in our political debate.

"We stand on the eve of a new century, a new era filed with change, anxiety where sections of opportunity are going. Many of the basic things, many of the most important things in our lives remain constant: the pride in bringing home that first paycheck; the thrill you have each time the band strikes up the Star Spangled Banner and another magnificent young American wins the Olympic gold. The daily challenges and joys of raising a family; the tremendous ripple effect of family, friends and neighbors cooperating in ways that make whole neighborhood and nation better places for us all.

"These are the things that remain constant. These are the things that unite us. There are other eternal truths, other eternal constants in our lives: our constant devotion to the principles of freedom, democracy and the free enterprise system; our constant belief in the promise of this country that the best is yet to come; a country that exists by the grace of Divine Providence - Divine Providence that gave us this land and told us to be good stewards of it and good stewards of each other. The land that God has truly, truly blessed and that we are proud to call AMERICA!

Thank you."


Are blacks really returning to the party of Lincoln? (By Melissa Harris-Lacewell) 9-2-04

By Melissa Harris-Lacewell. Melissa Harris-Lacewell is an assistant professor of political
science at the University of Chicago and the author of "Barbershops, Bibles, and BET:
Everyday Talk and Black
Published September 2, 2004 Chicago Tribune

African-American Republicans seem to be everywhere these days. Here in Illinois, the
Republican Party is fielding conservative Alan Keyes against rising Democratic star
Barack Obama. Nationally, the GOP is reporting that African-American representation
among Republican National Convention delegates has nearly doubled since 2000. The
GOP will prominently feature African-Americans such as Maryland Lt. Gov. Michael
Steele, Secretary of Education Rod Paige and even Princella Smith, the 20-year-old essay
winner of MTV's "Choose or Lose" campaign to encourage young people to vote.
Reporters covering this week's convention have focused on black Republicans holding
office everywhere from Mississippi to Ohio. All this media attention on a few black faces
generates a severe misperception that black Americans are swelling the ranks of the GOP.
Many Americans have wrongly assumed that all black people are Democrats. Under this
assumption, the existence of several hundred black Republicans on the convention floor
seems like a shocking new development. But 10 percent of the African-American vote
has been solidly and stably Republican since the end of the New Deal. Although the vast
majority of the black vote goes to the Democratic Party, the Republican minority has
been a consistent reminder that not all African-Americans think alike politically. But
there is no evidence to suggest that this minority is growing among black voters. In fact,
presidential candidate George W. Bush received less than 10 percent of the black vote in
2000 and has maintained low approval ratings among blacks throughout his White House
tenure. In the past four years, the Republican Party hasn't gained ground with black
voters despite high-profile black Cabinet appointments and convention appearances.
Observers may genuinely be confused by this seeming contradiction. How can blacks be
so much more visible in the GOP if the party has less support among black voters? The
answer is strategic. The Republican Party has developed a new racial strategy that
recognizes the value of cultivating and advertising its limited constituency among
African-Americans. During the racially tense decades of the civil rights movement and its
aftermath, the Republican Party pursued a thinly veiled strategy of distancing itself from
black voters and their interests in order to cultivate the white Southern vote. This strategy
allowed Republicans to successfully infiltrate and break the tenuous coalition of FDR's
New Deal that had uneasily combined conservative Southerners and progressive
In the past decade the country has moved toward a new racial politics that rejects
explicitly racist public statements and positions by elected leaders. In response, the
Republican Party has shifted its strategy. While it was once advantageous to hide black
Republicans from the view of white voters, it is now strategic to elevate black
Republicans to visible positions within the party. The goal of bringing these black faces
to the foreground is not to increase the share of African-American votes, but to signal to
moderate white voters that the party is not racist. The logic is cunning and simple.
Republicans argue: How can Democrats level a charge of racism when there are so many
black people in our party? Individuals such as Alan Keyes, Colin Powell and Rod Paige
have the effect of reassuring "Soccer Moms" and "NASCAR Dads" that they can support
the Republican Party without signaling that they are racially biased. This is not so much
about attracting blacks as it is about reassuring moderate whites in a world with changing
racial attitudes.
These black Republicans are not new, they are just newly visible. The increased visibility
of an existing African-American constituency does not reflect a changing level of support
among black voters. Individual black Republicans are more visible within and better
supported by the GOP, but the Republican Party itself is not gaining votes among
ordinary black Americans. The distinction is subtle, but crucial. The black faces at this
week's convention are an indication that a few African-Americans are benefiting from
their rare position within a party largely hostile to the policy preferences of the majority
of African-Americans. It is not indicative of growing support for the GOP among
ordinary black folks. It is misleading to suggest that Bush and the GOP platform are
somehow wooing black voters.
It is not impossible for Republicans to increase their vote share among blacks. The overt
evangelical, moral language and social conservatism of the Republican Party reverberates
in deeply religious black communities. While blacks continue to vote overwhelmingly for
the Democratic Party, these same African-Americans are less emotionally attached to the
party. This suggests that blacks may be available for partisan realignment. But
Republicans will not win black voters through racial sleight of hand. Most black voters
are interested in progressive public morality and in conservative personal morality. These
voters remain distrusting of Republicans who appear to deploy blacks only for strategic
gain without substantive attention to African-American policy preferences. To know this,
one need only remember the echoes of thousands of black Chicagoans booing Alan
Keyes as he marched in last month's Bud Billiken Day Parade.


Superdelegates 2008


The following are the totals according to this list. Other organizations[3] have reported higher numbers based on pledged or expected support.

Candidate Total Voting Total ‡
Hillary Clinton
Barack Obama


‡ At this time Michigan and Florida delegates won't be seated at the convention and their votes dont count towards the nomination. Also Democrats Abroad superdelegates only count for 1/2 vote. The superdelegates from Guam, Puerto Rico, American Samoa and US Virgin Islands count for a full vote, though their pledged delegates only count for 1/2 vote. Thus there is now a column for total and voting total above.

[edit] Totals by group

Candidate Distinguished Party Members ≠ Governors Senators Representatives DNC Members
Hillary Clinton
Barack Obama


≠ Includes former Presidents, former Vice Presidents, former Representatives, former Senators.

[edit] List of Superdelegates

[edit] Distinguished Party Members

Includes former Presidents, former Vice Presidents, former Representatives, former Senators.(Former Presidents, Vice Presidents, Senators and House Members

Former Presidents and Vice Presidents  ↓ State  ↓ Endorsement  ↓ Source(s)  ↓
Former President Jimmy Carter GA Uncommitted
Former President Bill Clinton NY Hillary Clinton Des Moines Register[4]
Former Vice President Al Gore TN Uncommitted
Former Vice President Walter Mondale MN Hillary Clinton MSNBC[5]
Former Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle SD Barack Obama MSNBC[6]
Former Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell ME Uncommitted
Former House Speaker Tom Foley WA Hillary Clinton [7]
Former House Majority Leader Dick Gephardt MO Hillary Clinton [8]
Former House Speaker Jim Wright TX Hillary Clinton [9]

[edit] Governors (including DC Mayor)

Governors  ↓ State  ↓ Endorsement  ↓ Source(s)  ↓
Gov. Aníbal Acevedo Vilá PR Barack Obama CNN[10]
Gov. John Baldacci ME Hillary Clinton[11]
Gov. Mike Beebe AR Hillary Clinton[12]
Gov. Steve Beshear KY Uncommitted
Gov. Rod Blagojevich IL Barack Obama[13]
Gov. Phil Bredesen TN Uncommitted
Gov. Jon Corzine NJ Hillary Clinton The Associated Press[14] [15]
Gov. Chet Culver IA Barack Obama Des Moines Register[16]
Gov. Jim Doyle WI Barack Obama Milwaukee Journal Sentinel[17]
Gov. Mike Easley NC Uncommitted
Mayor Adrian Fenty[18] DC Barack Obama The Washington Post[19]
Gov. Dave Freudenthal WY Uncommitted Montana's News Station[20]
Gov. Jennifer Granholm MI Hillary Clinton The Boston Globe[21]
Gov. Christine Gregoire WA Barack Obama The Washington Post Blog[22]
Gov. Brad Henry OK Uncommitted
Gov. John P. de Jongh, Jr. VI Barack Obama[23]
Gov. Tim Kaine VA Barack Obama The Washington Post[24]
Gov. Ted Kulongoski OR Hillary Clinton[25]
Gov. John Lynch NH Uncommitted
Gov. Joe Manchin WV Uncommitted
Gov. Ruth Ann Minner DE Hillary Clinton The News Journal[26]
Gov. Janet Napolitano AZ Barack Obama NY Times[27]
Gov. Martin O'Malley MD Hillary Clinton The Boston Globe[21]
Gov. Deval Patrick MA Barack Obama[28]
Gov. Ed Rendell PA Hillary Clinton The Associated Press[29]
Gov. Bill Richardson NM Uncommitted
Gov. Bill Ritter CO Uncommitted
Gov. Brian Schweitzer MT Uncommitted
Gov. Kathleen Sebelius KS Barack Obama The Associated Press[30]
Gov. Eliot Spitzer NY Hillary Clinton NY Times[31]
Gov. Ted Strickland OH Hillary Clinton The Boston Globe[21]
Gov. Togiola Tulafono AS Hillary Clinton The Honolulu Advertiser[32]

[edit] Senators

Senators  ↓ State  ↓ Endorsement  ↓ Source(s)  ↓
Sen. Daniel Akaka HI Uncommitted
Sen. Max Baucus MT Uncommitted
Sen. Evan Bayh IN Hillary Clinton[33]
Sen. Joe Biden DE Uncommitted
Sen. Jeff Bingaman NM Uncommitted
Sen. Barbara Boxer CA Uncommitted
Sen. Michael Brown DC Uncommitted
Sen. Sherrod Brown OH Uncommitted
Sen. Robert Byrd WV Uncommitted
Sen. Maria Cantwell WA Hillary Clinton [34]
Sen. Ben Cardin MD Uncommitted
Sen. Tom Carper DE Uncommitted
Sen. Bob Casey PA Uncommitted
Sen. Hillary Clinton NY Hillary Clinton CNN[35]
Sen. Kent Conrad ND Barack Obama[36]
Sen. Chris Dodd CT Uncommitted
Sen. Byron Dorgan ND Uncommitted
Sen. Dick Durbin IL Barack Obama[37]
Sen. Russ Feingold WI Uncommitted Milwaukee Journal Sentinel[17]
Sen. Dianne Feinstein CA Hillary Clinton [38]
Sen. Tom Harkin IA Uncommitted
Sen. Daniel Inouye HI Hillary Clinton[39]
Sen. Tim Johnson SD Barack Obama KHMB[40]
Sen. Ted Kennedy MA Barack Obama Houston Chronicle[41]
Sen. John Kerry MA Barack Obama NY Times[27]
Sen. Amy Klobuchar MN Uncommitted
Sen. Herb Kohl WI Uncommitted Milwaukee Journal Sentinel[17]
Sen. Mary Landrieu LA Uncommitted
Sen. Frank Lautenberg NJ Uncommitted
Sen. Patrick Leahy VT Barack Obama Brattleboro Reformer[42]
Sen. Carl Levin MI Uncommitted
Sen. Blanche Lincoln AR Hillary Clinton[43]
Sen. Claire McCaskill MO Barack Obama NY Times[44]
Sen. Robert Menendez NJ Hillary Clinton The Associated Press[14][15]
Sen. Barbara Mikulski MD Hillary Clinton[45]
Sen. Patty Murray WA Hillary Clinton [46]
Sen. Ben Nelson NE Barack Obama Lincoln Journal Star[47]
Sen. Bill Nelson FL Hillary Clinton NY Times[27]
Sen. Barack Obama IL Barack Obama CNN[48]
Sen. Mark Pryor AR Hillary Clinton[49]
Sen. Jack Reed RI Uncommitted
Sen. Harry Reid NV Uncommitted
Sen. Jay Rockefeller WV Uncommitted
Sen. Ken Salazar CO Uncommitted
Sen. Chuck Schumer NY Hillary Clinton[50]
Sen. Debbie Stabenow MI Hillary Clinton[51]
Sen. Paul Strauss DC Uncommitted
Sen. John Tester MT Uncommitted
Sen. Jim Webb VA Barack Obama Bloomberg[52]
Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse RI Hillary Clinton [53]
Sen. Ron Wyden OR Uncommitted

[edit] Representatives

Representatives  ↓ Endorsement  ↓ Source(s)  ↓
Rep. Adam Schiff (CA) Barack Obama CBS 2[54]
Rep. Adam Smith (WA) Barack Obama[55]
Rep. Al Green (TX) Barack Obama[56]
Rep. Alan Mollohan (WV)

Rep. Albert Wynn (MD) Barack Obama Politicker MD[57]
Rep. Albio Sires (NJ) Hillary Clinton [58]
Rep. Alcee Hastings (FL) Hillary Clinton New America Media [59]
Rep. Allen Boyd (FL)

Rep. Allyson Schwartz (PA) Hillary Clinton [60]
Rep. Anna Eshoo (CA) Barack Obama Palo Alto Online[61]
Rep. Anthony Weiner (NY) Hillary Clinton [citation needed]
Rep. Artur Davis (AL) Barack Obama New America Media [59]
Rep. Barbara Lee (CA) Barack Obama San Francisco Chronicle[62]
Rep. Barney Frank (MA) Hillary Clinton [63]
Rep. Baron Hill (IN)

Rep. Bart Gordon (TN)

Rep. Bart Stupak (MI)

Rep. Ben Chandler (KY)

Rep. Bennie Thompson (MS) Barack Obama Baltimore Sun[64]
Rep. Betty McCollum (MN) Barack Obama[65]
Rep. Betty Sutton (OH)

Rep. Bill Pascrell (NJ) Hillary Clinton [66]
Rep. Bob Brady (PA)

Rep. Bob Etheridge (NC)

Rep. Bob Filner (CA)

Rep. Bobby Rush (IL) Barack Obama[67]
Rep. Bobby Scott (VA) Barack Obama The Associated Press[68]
Rep. Brad Ellsworth (IN)

Rep. Brad Miller (NC)

Rep. Brad Sherman (CA) Hillary Clinton [citation needed]
Rep. Brian Baird (WA) Barack Obama The Associated Press [69].
Rep. Brian Higgins (NY) Hillary Clinton [7]
Rep. Bruce Braley (IA)

Rep. Bud Cramer (AL)

Rep. Dutch Ruppersberger (MD) Hillary Clinton [citation needed]
Rep. Carol Shea-Porter (NH) Barack Obama[70]
Rep. Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick (MI)

Rep. Carolyn Maloney (NY) Hillary Clinton [7]
Rep. Carolyn McCarthy (NY) Hillary Clinton [citation needed]
Rep. Chaka Fattah (PA) Barack Obama New America Media [59]
Rep. Charles Rangel (NY) Hillary Clinton New America Media [59]
Rep. Charlie Gonzalez (TX) Barack Obama San Antonio Express-News[71].
Rep. Charlie Melancon (LA)

Rep. Charlie Wilson (OH)

Rep. Chet Edwards (TX)

Rep. Chris Carney (PA)

Rep. Chris Murphy (CT) Barack Obama Hartford Courant[72]
Rep. Chris Van Hollen (MD)

Rep. Ciro Rodriguez (TX)

Rep. Collin Peterson (MN)

Rep. Corrine Brown (FL) Hillary Clinton New America Media [59]
Rep. Dale Kildee (MI) Hillary Clinton Detroit Free Press [73]
Rep. Dan Boren (OK)

Rep. Dan Lipinski (IL)

Rep. Danny Davis (IL) Barack Obama New America Media [59]
Rep. Darlene Hooley (OR) Hillary Clinton [74]
Rep. Dave Loebsack (IA) Barack Obama The Quad-City Times[75]
Rep. David Obey (WI) Barack Obama Milwaukee Journal Sentinel[17]
Rep. David Price (NC)

Rep. David Scott (GA) Barack Obama CNN[76]
Rep. David Wu (OR)

Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (FL) Hillary Clinton [citation needed]
Rep. Dennis Cardoza (CA) Hillary Clinton [citation needed]
Rep. Dennis Kucinich (OH)

Rep. Dennis Moore (KS)

Rep. Diana DeGette (CO) Hillary Clinton The Denver Post[77]
Rep. Diane Watson (CA) Hillary Clinton New America Media [59]
Rep. Donald Payne (NJ) Hillary Clinton The Associated Press[14]
Rep. Doris Matsui (CA) Hillary Clinton [citation needed]
Rep. Earl Blumenauer (OR) Barack Obama Oregon Live [78]
Rep. Earl Pomeroy (ND) Barack Obama The Dickinson Press[79]
Rep. Ed Perlmutter (CO) Barack Obama The Denver Post[80]
Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson (TX) Barack Obama Dallas South [81]
Rep. Edolphus Towns (NY) Hillary Clinton New York Sun [82]
Rep. Edward Markey (MA)

Rep. Elijah Cummings (MD) Barack Obama[55]
Rep. Eliot Engel (NY) Hillary Clinton [7]
Rep. Ellen Tauscher (CA) Hillary Clinton [citation needed]
Rep. Emanuel Cleaver II (MO) Hillary Clinton [83]
Rep. Frank Pallone (NJ) Hillary Clinton [84]
Rep. G.K. Butterfield (NC) Barack Obama The News & Observer[85]
Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (AZ)

Rep. Gary Ackerman (NY) Hillary Clinton [7]
Rep. Gene Green (TX) Hillary Clinton Dallas News [86]
Rep. Gene Taylor (MS)

Rep. George Miller (CA) Barack Obama Contra Costa Times[87]
Rep. Grace Napolitano (CA) Hillary Clinton [citation needed]
Rep. Gregory Meeks (NY) Hillary Clinton [7]
Rep. Gwen Moore (WI) Barack Obama Milwaukee Journal Sentinel[17]
Rep. Hank Johnson (GA) Barack Obama The Associated Press[88]
Rep. Harry Mitchell (AZ)

Rep. Heath Shuler (NC)

Rep. Henry Cuellar (TX) Hillary Clinton[89]
Rep. Henry Waxman (CA)

Rep. Hilda Solis (CA) Hillary Clinton [citation needed]
Rep. Howard Berman (CA)

Rep. Ike Skelton (MO)

Rep. Jan Schakowsky (IL) Barack Obama The New Republic[90]
Rep. Jane Harman (CA) Hillary Clinton [citation needed]
Rep. Jason Altmire (PA)

Rep. Jay Inslee (WA) Hillary Clinton [91]
Rep. Jerrold Nadler (NY) Hillary Clinton Downtown Express [92]
Rep. Jerry Costello (IL) Barack Obama[93]
Rep. Jerry McNerney (CA)

Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. (IL) Barack Obama The Washington Post[94]
Rep. Jim Clyburn (SC)

Rep. Jim Cooper (TN) Barack Obama[93]
Rep. Jim Costa (CA)

Rep. Jim Langevin (RI) Hillary Clinton [95]
Rep. Jim Marshall (GA)

Rep. Jim Matheson (UT)

Rep. Jim McDermott (WA)

Rep. Jim McGovern (MA) Hillary Clinton [96]
Rep. Jim Moran (VA) Barack Obama [97]
Rep. Jim Oberstar (MN) Barack Obama Oregon Live [98]
Rep. Jim Ramstad (MN)

Rep. Joe Courtney (CT)

Rep. Joe Donnelly (IN)

Rep. Joe Sestak (PA) Hillary Clinton [99]
Rep. John Barrow (GA)

Rep. John Conyers (MI) Barack Obama Michigan Chronicle[100]
Rep. John Dingell (MI) Hillary Clinton Grand Rapids Press [101]
Rep. John Hall (NY) Hillary Clinton The Hill [102]
Rep. John Larson (CT) Barack Obama Hartford Courant[72]
Rep. John Lewis (GA) Barack Obama The New York Times[103]
Rep. John Murtha (PA)

Rep. John Olver (MA)

Rep. John Salazar (CO)

Rep. John Sarbanes (MD)

Rep. John Spratt (SC)

Rep. John Tanner (TN)

Rep. John Tierney (MA)

Rep. John Yarmuth (KY) Barack Obama The Courier-Journal[104]
Rep. Jose Serrano (NY) Hillary Clinton [7]
Rep. Joseph Crowley (NY) Hillary Clinton [7]
Rep. Kathy Castor (FL)

Rep. Keith Ellison (MN) Barack Obama Star Tribune[105]
Rep. Kendrick Meek (FL) Hillary Clinton New America Media [59]
Rep. Kirsten Gillibrand (NY) Hillary Clinton [7]
Rep. Lacy Clay (MO) Barack Obama St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Rep. Laura Richardson (CA) Hillary Clinton New America Media [59]
Rep. Leonard Boswell (IA) Hillary Clinton [citation needed]
Rep. Lincoln Davis (TN)

Rep. Linda Sanchez (CA) Barack Obama New York Times[106]
Rep. Lloyd Doggett (TX)

Rep. Lois Capps (CA)

Rep. Louise Slaughter (NY) Hillary Clinton [107]
Rep. Luis Gutierrez (IL) Barack Obama [108]
Rep. Lynn Woolsey (CA) Hillary Clinton [109]
Rep. Madeleine Bordallo (Guam)

Rep. Marcia Kaptur (OH)

Rep. Marion Berry (AR) Hillary Clinton [citation needed]
Rep. Mark Udall (CO)

Rep. Maurice Hinchey (NY) Hillary Clinton [110]
Rep. Maxine Waters (CA) Hillary Clinton [citation needed]
Rep. Mazie Hirono (HI)

Rep. Mel Watt (NC)

Rep. Melissa Bean (IL) Barack Obama [111]
Rep. Michael Arcuri (NY) Hillary Clinton Utica Observer-Dispatch [112]
Rep. Michael Capuano (MA) Barack Obama The Boston Globe[113]
Rep. Michael McNulty (NY) Hillary Clinton New York Sun [114]
Rep. Michael Michaud (ME)

Rep. Mike Doyle (PA)

Rep. Mike Honda (CA)

Rep. Mike McIntyre (NC)

Rep. Mike Ross (AR) Hillary Clinton [citation needed]
Rep. Mike Thompson (CA) Hillary Clinton [citation needed]
Rep. Nancy Boyda (KS)

Rep. Nancy Pelosi (CA)

Rep. Neil Abercrombie (HI) Barack Obama[55]
Rep. Nick Lampson (TX)

Rep. Nick Rahall (WV)

Rep. Niki Tsongas (MA)

Rep. Nita Lowey (NY) Hillary Clinton [citation needed]
Rep. Norm Dicks (WA) Hillary Clinton [citation needed]
Rep. Nydia Velazquez (NY) Hillary Clinton [107]
Rep. Patrick Kennedy (RI) Barack Obama The Associated Press[30]
Rep. Patrick Murphy (PA) Barack Obama[93]
Rep. Paul Hodes (NH) Barack Obama[115]
Rep. Paul Kanjorski (PA) Hillary Clinton [116]
Rep. Pete Stark (CA)

Rep. Peter DeFazio (OR)

Rep. Peter Visclosky (IN)

Rep. Peter Welch (VT) Barack Obama Brattleboro Reformer[42]
Rep. Phil Hare (IL) Barack Obama [117]
Rep. Rahm Emanuel (IL)

Rep. Raul Grijalva (AZ) Barack Obama Arizona Daily Star [118]
Rep. Richard Neal (MA) Hillary Clinton [119]
Rep. Rick Boucher (VA) Barack Obama Tri-Cities Personal News and Media Center[120]
Rep. Rick Larsen (WA)

Rep. Robert Andrews (NJ) Hillary Clinton [121]
Rep. Robert Wexler (FL) Barack Obama New York Times[122]
Rep. Ron Kind (WI) Uncommitted Milwaukee Journal Sentinel[17]
Rep. Ron Klein (FL)

Rep. Rosa DeLauro (CT) Barack Obama Hartford Courant[72]
Rep. Ruben Hinojosa (TX) Hillary Clinton[89]
Rep. Rush Holt (NJ)

Rep. Russ Carnahan (MO) Barack Obama St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Rep. Sam Farr (CA)

Rep. Sander Levin (MI)

Rep. Sanford Bishop (GA) Barack Obama The Associated Press[88]
Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (TX) Hillary Clinton New America Media [59]
Rep. Shelley Berkley (NV) Hillary Clinton [citation needed]
Rep. Solomon Ortiz (TX) Hillary Clinton Dallas Morning News [86]
Rep. Steve Cohen (TN) Barack Obama Memphis Flyer [123]
Rep. Steve Israel (NY) Hillary Clinton [7]
Rep. Steve Kagen (WI) Uncommitted Milwaukee Journal Sentinel[17]
Rep. Steve Rothman (NJ) Barack Obama The Associated Press[124]
Rep. Susan Davis (CA)

Rep. Tammy Baldwin (WI) Hillary Clinton Milwaukee Journal Sentinel[17]
Rep. Tim Holden (PA)

Rep. Tim Mahoney (FL)

Rep. Tim Ryan (OH)

Rep. Tim Walz (MN) Barack Obama Star Tribune[105]
Rep. Timothy Bishop (NY) Hillary Clinton The Hill [125]
Rep. Tom Allen (ME)

Rep. Tom Udall (NM)

Rep. Vic Snyder (AR) Hillary Clinton [citation needed]
Rep. William Delahunt (MA) Barack Obama The Boston Globe[126]
Rep. William Jefferson (LA)

Rep. Xavier Becerra (CA) Barack Obama American Chronicle[127]
Rep. Yvette D. Clarke (NY) Hillary Clinton [128]
Rep. Zack Space (OH)

Rep. Lucille Roybal-Allard (CA) Hillary Clinton [129]
Rep. Zoe Lofgren (CA) Barack Obama[130]

[edit] DNC Members

DNC Members  ↓ Endorsement  ↓ Source(s)  ↓
Joe Turnham, State Chair (AL)
Washington Post[131]
Nancy Worley, State Vice Chair (AL)
Washington Post[131]
Yvonne Kennedy (AL)
Washington Post[131]
Randy Kelley (AL)
Washington Post[131]
Blake Johnson, State Vice Chair (AK)
Washington Post[131]
John Davies (AK) Barack Obama Anchorage Daily News[132]
Cindy Spanyers (AK)
Washington Post[131]
Don Bivens, State Chair (AZ)
Washington Post[131]
Donna Branch Gilby, State Vice Chair (AZ)
Washington Post[131]
Carolyn Warner (AZ)
Washington Post[131]
Janice C. Brunson (AZ)
Washington Post[131]
Bill Gwatney, State Chair (AR)
Washington Post[131]
Don Beavers (AR)
Washington Post[131]
Art Torres, State Chair (CA)

Alexandra Gallardo-Rooker, Vice Chair (CA)

Steven Alari (CA)

Rachel Binah (CA)

Mary Ellen Early (CA) Barack Obama Los Angeles Daily News[133]
Edward Espinoza (CA)

Inola Henry (CA)

Aleita Huguenin (CA)

Carole Midgen (CA)

Bob Mulholland (CA)

Christine Pelosi (CA)

Robert Rankin (CA)

Garry Shay (CA)

Christopher Stampolis (CA)

Keith Umemoto (CA)

Steve Ybarra (CA)

Norma Torres (CA) Barack Obama San Jose Mercury News[134]
Pat Waak, State Chair (CO)
Washington Post[131]
Debbie Marquez (CO) Barack Obama The Denver Post[77]
J. W. Postal (CO) Barack Obama The Denver Post[77]
Nancy DiNardo, State Chair (CT)[72]

Anthony Avallone (CT) Barack Obama Hartford Courant[72]
John Olsen (CT)[72]

John Daniello, State Chair (DE)

Harriet Smith-Windsor, State Vice Chair (DE)

Karen Thurman, State Chair (FL)

Rudolph Parker, (FL)

Terrie Brady (FL)

Mitchell Ceasar (FL)

Joyce Cusack (FL) Barack Obama Miami Herald[135]
Diane Glasser (FL)

Chuck Mohlke (FL)

Janee Murphy (FL)

Jon Ausman (FL)

Jane Kidd, State Chair (GA)[88]

Carole Dabbs (GA) Hillary Clinton The Associated Press[88]
Mary Long (GA)[88]

Lonnie Plott (GA)[88]

Richard Ray (GA)[88]

Beverly Withington, Chair (HI)

Joshua Wisch, Vice Chair (HI)

Richard Port (HI)

Dr. Marie Dolly Strazar (HI)

Keith Roark, Chair (ID)

Jeanne Buell, Vice-chair (ID) Barack Obama USA Today[136]
Grant Burgoyne (ID) Barack Obama Idaho Statesman[137][138]
Constance Howard (IL) Barack Obama[139]
Carol Ronen (IL)

Darlena Williams-Burnett (IL)

Michael Madigan (IL) Barack Obama St. Louis Post-Dispatch[140]
Cordelia Lewis Burks, State Vice Chair (IN) Barack Obama WLFI TV[141]
Connie Thurman (IN)

Scott Brennan, State Chair (IA)

Larry Gates, State Chair (KS)

Teresa Krusor, State Vice Chair (KS)

E. Lee Kinch (KS) Barack Obama The Associated Press [142]
Randy Roy (KS) Barack Obama The Associated Press [142] .
Helen Knetzer (KS) Hillary Clinton The Associated Press [142].
Jennifer Moore, Chair (KY)

Nathan Smith, Vice Chair (KY)

Moretta Bosley (KY)

Terry McBrayer (KY)

Jo Etta Wickliffe (KY)

Chris Whittington, State Chair (LA)

Mary Lou Winters, State Vice Chair (LA)

Patsy Arceneaux (LA) Hillary Clinton The Washington Post[143]
Renee Gill Pratt (LA)

Claude "Buddy" Leach (LA)

Marianne Stevens, State Vice Chair (ME)

Jennifer DeChant (ME)

Sam Spencer (ME)

Michael Cryor, State Chair (MD)

Lauren Glover, State Vice Chair (MD)

Glenard Middleton (MD) Hillary Clinton[144]
Heather Mizeur (MD)

Gregory Pecoraro (MD)

John Walsh, State Chair (MA) Barack Obama The Boston Globe[145]
Debra Kozikowski (MA)

Gus Bickford (MA)

Raymond Jordan (MA) Barack Obama The Boston Globe[146]
David O'Brien (MA) Barack Obama The Boston Globe[147]
Margaret Xifaras (MA)

Arthenia Abbott, State Vice Chair (MI)

Elizabeth Bunn (MI)

Debbie Dingell (MI)

Robert Ficano (MI)

Joyce Lalonde (MI)

Jeffrey Radjewski (MI)

Michael Tardiff (MI)

Richard Wiener (MI)

Brian Melendez, State Chair (MN)

Donna Cassutt, State Vice Chair (MN)

Ken Foxworth (MN) Barack Obama Star Tribune[148]
Wayne Dowdy, Chair (MS)

Carnelia Pettis Fondren, Vice Chair (MS)

Everett Sanders (MS)

John Temporiti, Chair (MO)

Yolanda Wheat, Vice Chair (MO)

Mark Bryant (MO) Barack Obama [149]
Leila Medley (MO)

Dennis McDonald, State Chair (MT)

Margarett Campbell, State Vice Chair (MT)

Jean Lemire Dahlman (MT)

Ed Tinsley (MT) Barack Obama Great Falls Tribune[150]
Steven Achelpohl, State Chair (NE)

Audra Ostergard, State Vice Chair (NE)

Kathleen Fahey (NE) Barack Obama Lincoln Journal Star[47]
Jill Derby, State Chair (NV)

Sam Lieberman, State Vice Chair (NV)

Raymond Buckley, State Chair (NH)

Joseph DeCotiis Hillary Clinton The Associated Press[124]
June Fischer Hillary Clinton The Associated Press[124]
Donald Norcross (NJ)[14][124]

Christine "Roz" Samuels (NJ)[14][124] Barack Obama MSNBC [151]
Brian Colon, State Chair (NM)

Mary Gail Gwaltney (NM)

Raymond Sanchez (NM)

Annadelle Sanchez (NM)

Herman Farrell Jr. (NY)

Dennis Mehiel (NY)

Robert Ramirez (NY)

Richard Schaffer (NY)

Irene Stein (NY)

Sylvia Tokasz (NY)

Jerry Meek, State Chair (NC)

Dannie Montgomery, State Vice Chair (NC) Barack Obama The News & Observer[152]
Dr. Jeanette Council (NC)

David Parker (NC)

Everett Ward (NC) Barack Obama The News & Observer[152]
David Strauss, State Chair (ND) Uncommitted [153]
Renee Pfenning (ND)

Chris Redfern, State Chair (OH)[154]

Rhine McLin, State Vice Chair (OH)[154]

William Burga (OH)[154]

Enid Goubeaux (OH)[154]

Mark Mallory (OH)[154]

Ronald Malone (OH)

Patricia Moss (OH)

Sonni Nardi (OH)[154]

Kitti Asberry (OK) Barack Obama Tulsa World[155]
Dr. Ivan Holmes, State Chair (OK)

Meredith Woods-Smith, State Chair (OR)

Frank Dixon, State Vice Chair (OR)

Jenny Greenleaf (OR)

Wayne Kinney (OR)

TJ Rooney, State Chair (PA)

Jean Milko, State Vice Chair (PA)

Rena Baumgartner (PA)

Carol Ann Campbell (PA)

Richard Donatucci (PA)

William George (PA)

Marcel Groen (PA)

Sophie Masloff (PA) Uncommitted [156]
Ian Murray (PA)

Evelyn Richardson (PA)

Edna O'Neill Matson, State Vice Chair (RI)

Frank Montanaro (RI)

Carol Fowler, State Chair (SC)

Wilbur Lee Jeffcoat, State Vice Chair (SC)

Gilda Cobb-Hunter (SC)

Jack Billion, State Chair (SD)

Deb Knecht, State Vice Chair (SD)

Nick Nemec (SD)

Sharon Stroschein (SD)

Gray Sasser, State Chair (TN)

Will Cheek (TN)

Dr. Inez Crutchfield (TN)

Jimmie Farris (TN)

Boyd Richie, State Chair (TX)

Roy LaVerne Brooks, State Vice Chair (TX)

Yvonne Davis (TX)

Al Edwards (TX)

Norma Fisher Flores (TX)

Jaime Gonzalez Jr. (TX)

David Holmes (TX)

John Patrick (TX)

Betty Richie (TX)

Bob Slagle (TX)

Wayne Holland Jr., State Chair (UT)

Bill Orton (UT)

Ian Carleton, State Chair (VT) Uncommitted Brattleboro Reformer[42]
Judy Bevans, State Vice Chair (VT) Barack Obama Brattleboro Reformer[42]
Billi Gosh (VT) Hillary Clinton Brattleboro Reformer[42]
Chuck Ross. Jr. (VT) Barack Obama Brattleboro Reformer[42]
Jim Leaman (VA)

Anita Bonds, District Chair (DC)

Jeffrey Richardson, District Vice Chair (DC) Barack Obama Washington Blade[157]
Arrington Dixon (DC) Barack Obama The Washington Post[158][139]
Dwight Pelz, State Chair (WA)

Eileen Macoll, State Vice Chair (WA)

Ed Cote (WA)

Sharon Mast (WA)

David McDonald (WA)

Pat Notter (WA) Barack Obama The Wenatchee World Online[159]
Nick Casey Jr., State Chair (WV)

Belinda Biofore, State Vice Chair (WV)

Pat Maroney (WV)

Marie Prezioso (WV)

Lena Taylor, State Vice Chair (WI) Uncommitted Milwaukee Journal Sentinel[17]
Stan Gruszynski (WI) Barack Obama Milwaukee Journal Sentinel[17]
Jason Rae (WI) Uncommitted Milwaukee Journal Sentinel[17]
Melissa Schroeder (WI) Uncommitted Milwaukee Journal Sentinel[17]
Paula Zellner (WI) Uncommitted Milwaukee Journal Sentinel[17]
Nancy Drummond, State Vice Chair (WY) Uncommitted Montana's News Station[20]
Peter Jorgensen (WY) Barack Obama Montana's News Station[20]
Cynthia Nunley (WY) Uncommitted Montana's News Station[20]
Christine Marques, Chair Democrats Abroad

Toby Condliffe, Vice Chair Democrats Abroad Barack Obama Toronto Star[160]
Robert Bell, Democrats Abroad Hillary Clinton Toronto Star[161]
Connie Borde, Democrats Abroad

Liv Gibbons, Democrats Abroad

Theresa Morelli, Democrats Abroad

Brent O'Leary, Democrats Abroad

Leo Perez Minaya, Democrats Abroad

Theresa Hunkin, Vice Chair American Samoa Barack Obama The Honolulu Advertiser[162]
Antonio Charfauros, Chair Guam

Cecilia Mafnas, Vice Chair Guam

Taling Taitano, Guam

Robert Underwood, Guam

Luisette Cabana, Vice Chair Puerto Rico

Dr. Celita Arroyo de Roques, Puerto Rico

Cecil Benjamin, Chair Virgin Islands

Marylyn Stapleton, Vice Chair Virgin Islands

Carol Burke, Virgin Islands

Kevin Rodriguez, Virgin Islands

Alan Solomont (MA) Barack Obama Boston Globe [163]
Alice Huffman (CA) Hillary Clinton [164]
Alicia Wang (CA) Hillary Clinton [165]
Allan Katz (FL) Barack Obama [166]
Anita Freedman (NH) Hillary Clinton [167]
Ben Johnson (DC) Hillary Clinton[144]
Bill Owen (TN) Hillary Clinton [168]
Bob Pastrick (IN) Hillary Clinton[169]
C Richard Cranwell (VA)

Carol Pensky (DC) Hillary Clinton[144]
Carol Peterson (NC)

Charles Manatt (CA) Hillary Clinton [170]
Dan Parker (IN) Hillary Clinton[169]
Dan Slater (CO) Barack Obama The Denver Post[171]
Dana Redd (NJ)[14] Hillary Clinton [172]
Deanna Fuimaono (AS) Hillary Clinton Washington Post[131]
Denise Johnson (TX) Hillary Clinton [173]
Diane Saxe (MA) Hillary Clinton Lowell Sun [174]
Dina Titus (NV) Hillary Clinton[175]
Donald Fowler (SC) Hillary Clinton [176]
Doug Brooks (MO) Hillary Clinton[177]
Elisa Parker (TN) Hillary Clinton Memphis Flyer [178]
Elizabeth Smith (DC) Hillary Clinton[144]
Ellen Camhi (CT) Hillary Clinton Hartford Courant[72]
Emily Giske (NY) Hillary Clinton [179]
Eric Kleinfeld (DC) Hillary Clinton[144]
Fagafaga Langkilde (AS) Hillary Clinton Washington Post[131]
Francisco Domenec (PR) Hillary Clinton [180]
Gaeten DiGangi (NH) Hillary Clinton [167]
Gerald McEntee (DC)

Harold Ickes (DC) Hillary Clinton [181]
Hartina Flournoy (DC) Hillary Clinton[144]
Helen Langan (UT) Hillary Clinton [182]
David Paterson (NY) Hillary Clinton [183]
Emil Jones, Jr. (IL) Barack Obama [184]
Eric Garcetti (CA) Barack Obama Wilshire & Washington[185]
Gail Bray (ID) Barack Obama Idaho Statesman[137]
Iris Martinez (IL) Barack Obama [186]
Karen Hale (UT) Hillary Clinton [187]
Maria Echaveste (CA) Hillary Clinton [188]
Martha Fuller Clark (NH) Barack Obama [189]
Jackie Stevenson (MN) Hillary Clinton [190]
Jennifer McClellan (VA) Hillary Clinton[144]
Jim Frasier (OK)

Jim Maxson (ND) Barack Obama [153]
Joe Andrew (IN)

Joe Cryan (NJ)[14] Hillary Clinton [191]
Joe Reed (AL) Hillary Clinton [192]
Joe Rios (AZ) Hillary Clinton [193]
Joe Wineke (WI) Uncommitted Milwaukee Journal Sentinel[17]
Joel Ferguson (MI) Hillary Clinton [194]
John Knutson (ME) Barack Obama
John Millin (WY) Barack Obama Montana's News Station[20]
John Rednour (IL) Hillary Clinton [195]
Johnnie Patton (MS) Barack Obama [196]
Jon Ausman (FL)

Judith Hope (NY) Hillary Clinton [197]
June Fisher (NJ) Hillary Clinton [191]
Kamil Hasan (CA) Hillary Clinton [198]
Karla Bradley (AR) Hillary Clinton [199]
Karren Pope-Onwukwe (MD) Barack Obama
Kenneth M. Curtis (ME) Hillary Clinton [200]
Kenneth McClintock (PR) Hillary Clinton [201]
Lionel Spruill Sr. (VA) Hillary Clinton[144]
Mame Reiley (VA) Hillary Clinton[144]
Margaret Blackshere (IL) Barack Obama [202]
Maria Luna (NY) Hillary Clinton [203]
Marilyn Tyler Brown (DC) Hillary Clinton[144]
Mark Weiner (RI)

Martha Dixon (AR)
Washington Post[131]
Martin Dunleavy (CT) Barack Obama Hartford Courant[72]
Marva Smalls (NY)

Mary Eva Candon (DC) Hillary Clinton[144]
Mary Jo Neville (MD)

Mary Wakefield (ND) Barack Obama Bismarck Tribune[204]
Mee Moua (MN) Barack Obama Asian American Press[205]
Michael Fitzgerald (IA) Barack Obama Des Moines Register[206]
Minyon Moore (DC) Hillary Clinton[144]
Mirian Saez (CA)

Mona Pasquil (CA)

Muriel Offerman (NC)

Nancy Kopp (MD) Hillary Clinton[144]
Nancy Larson (MN) Uncommitted [156]
Nathaniel Savali (AS)
Washington Post[131]
Patti Higgins (AK) Hillary Clinton Anchorage Press[207]
Phoebe Crane (IN) Hillary Clinton[169]
Randi Weingarten (NY)

Raul Martinez (FL)

Richard Machacek (IA)

Rick Stafford (MN)

Robert Zimmerman (DNC member) (NY) Hillary Clinton The New York Observer[208]
Ron Sims (WA) Hillary Clinton Seattle Post-Intelligencer[209]
Rosalind Wyman (CA)

Sandy Opstvedt (IA)

Sandy Querry (MO) Hillary Clinton[210]
Sarah Swisher (IA) Barack Obama The Associated Press [211].
Senfronia Thompson (TX)

Sheldon Silver (NY)

Stephen Fontana (CT) Barack Obama Hartford Courant[72]
Steven Grossman (MA)

Steven Horsford (NV) Barack Obama Las Vegas Review-Journal[212]
Sue Lovell (TX)

Susan Swecker (VA) Hillary Clinton[144]
Terry McAuliffe (VA) Hillary Clinton[144]
Tim Sullivan (WI) Hillary Clinton Milwaukee Journal Sentinel[17]
Tom Hynes (IL)

Tonio Burgos (NJ)[14][124] Hillary Clinton AP NJ[124]
Vince Powers (NE) Barack Obama Lincoln Journal Star[47]
Vivian Cook (NY)

Willie Barrow (IL) Barack Obama Chicago Tribune[213][214]
Yolanda Caraway (DC) Hillary Clinton[144]
Howard Dean, Chairman (VT) Uncommitted Brattleboro Reformer[42]
Mike Gronstal

Lottie Shackleford (AR)
Washington Post[131]
Linda Chavez-Thompson (TX)

Susan Turnbull (MD)

Mark Brewer (MI)

Andrew Tobias (FL)

Alice Germond (WV)

Philip D. Murphy (NJ)[14]

Mike Panetta (DC) Barack Obama PR Newswire [215]
Manny Rodriguez (CO) Hillary Clinton The Denver Post[171]

[edit] Members At-large

Members At-large  ↓ State  ↓ Endorsement  ↓ Source(s)  ↓
Jeremy Bernard CA Barack Obama San Jose Mercury News[216]
Lu Battaglieri MI

Joyce Brayboy VA

Donna Brazile DC [27]

Anna Burger PA

Maria Chappelle-Nadal MO

Alvaro Cifuentes MD Hillary Clinton[144]
Larry Cohen DC

Ralph Dawson NY

Barbara Easterling VA Hillary Clinton[144]
Kalyn Free OK

John Gage MD

Yvonne Gates NV

Janice Griffin MD

Alexis Herman VA

Ben Jeffers LA

Joe Johnson VA

Dr. Elaine Kamarck MA Hillary Clinton[217]
Frank LaMere NE Barack Obama Lincoln Journal Star[47]
Belkis Leong-Hong MD

Leon Lynch PA

Ramona Martinez CO
Washington Post[131]
Robert Martinez TX

Richard Michalski MD Hillary Clinton[144]
Mona Mohib CT

Jay Parmley OK

Steve Powell IL

Gail Rasmussen OR

James Roosevelt Jr MA

Eliseo Roques-Arroyo PR

Richard Shoemaker MI

Edward Smith IL

Marianne Spraggins NY

Michael Steed MD Hillary Clinton[144]
John Sweeney MD

Christine Trujillo NM Hillary Clinton Albuquerque Tribune [218]
Vernon Watkins CA

Jerome Wiley Segovia VA

James Zogby DC Barack Obama[219]
Maria Handley CO Hillary Clinton The Denver Post[171]

[edit] Former National Chairmen

Former National Chairmen  ↓ State  ↓ Endorsement  ↓ Source(s)  ↓
Debra DeLee MA Hillary Clinton [220]
Paul Kirk MA Barack Obama [221]
Roy Romer CO
Washington Post[131]
Robert Strauss TX

David Wilhelm IL Barack Obama Associated Press[222]

[edit] Organizations

Organizations  ↓ State  ↓ Endorsement  ↓ Source(s)  ↓
Kwame Kilpatrick, NCDM MI

Robin Carnahan, DASS MO

Bill Bradbury, DASS OR

Joyce Beatty, Dem. Leg. Campaign Comm. OH

Eric Coleman, Nat'l Dem. County Officials MI

Margie Woods, Nat'l Dem. County Officials IL

Susan Burgess, Nat'l Dem. Municipal Officials Conf. NC Hillary Clinton
Myron Lowery, Nat'l Dem. Municipal Officials Conf. TN Hillary Clinton Memphis Flyer [223]
Virgie Rollins, Nat'l Fed. of Dem. Women MI

Ruth Rudy, Nat'l Fed. of Dem. Women PA Hillary Clinton Bloomberg [224]
Lauren Wolfe, College Dems of America MI

Awais Khaleel, College Dems of America WI Uncommitted Milwaukee Journal Sentinel[17]
David Hardt, Young Dems of America TX

Crystal Strait, Young Dems of America CA

Catherine Cortez Masto, Dem Assoc. of Atty Gen. NV

Patrick Lynch, Dem Assoc. of Atty Gen. RI Barack Obama[225]
Christine Warnke, Nat'l Dem Ethnic Coord. Comm. DC

John Melcher, Nat'l Dem. Seniors Coord. Comm. MT

Maria Cordone, Nat'l Dem. Seniors Coord. Comm. MD Hillary Clinton[144]
Kathleen Vick, Secretary Emeritus DC

Other  ↓ State  ↓ Endorsement  ↓ Source(s)  ↓
Del. Donna Christian-Christensen VI Hillary Clinton[226]
Del. Eni Faleomavaega AS Barack Obama[227]
Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton DC Barack Obama[228], AP[229]
Michael Thurmond GA [88] Hillary Clinton The Associated Press