Friday, December 28, 2007

Arrival at the Ron Paul Campaign- 7 Days to the Iowa Caucus

Going into the campaign headquarters was pretty boring; I showed up after 5 and was asked to wait in a little room in the back with phone cubicles for someone to talk to me.

After about 15 minutes, I ended up asking somebody if they forgot about me; they did. No worries though. The guy put me on phone duty, which after sitting and reading pamphlets I realized this could be agonizing. So I guess I wasn't a very good volunteer because I quit after about 10 calls and started talking to a kid next to me named Steven who flew in all the way from Texas to campaign for his idol. I wanted ask him more, but he was focused on making phone calls.
Eventually, I got to talking with this kid, Jim, about the student camps that I kept hearing about around me. Turns out he was a leader of one of them. Later, I met him and Betty at the rally at the Mariott before Paul took the stage at 8 pm. Apparently, 250 students from the U.S. and four countries are staying in 7 camps across the state to campaign for Ron Paul. They have free transportation and lodging, and receive $15 per day for food while they go door to door encouraging people to caucus for Ron Paul.

(Photos and narrative by Rose)