Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Gloria Steinem - New York Times - Women are never Frontrunners

In one of the most incredible pieces of rhetoric ever delivered to congress Gloria Steinem declared Women are "biologically superior to men" while pushing for the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA)  . Speaking to a non-interested congressional crowd, Steinem declared women could replace the word black seamlessly  during the civil rights movement. Steinem's approach to gender politics remains unchanged. The article posted below was published in the New York Times this morning.

THE woman in question became a lawyer after some years as a community organizer, married a corporate lawyer and is the mother of two little girls, ages 9 and 6. Herself the daughter of a white American mother and a black African father — in this race-conscious country, she is considered black — she served as a state legislator for eight years, and became an inspirational voice for national unity.

Be honest: Do you think this is the biography of someone who could be elected to the United States Senate? After less than one term there, do you believe she could be a viable candidate to head the most powerful nation on earth?

If you answered no to either question, you're not alone. Gender is probably the most restricting force in American life, whether the question is who must be in the kitchen or who could be in the White House. This country is way down the list of countries electing women and, according to one study, it polarizes gender roles more than the average democracy.

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