Saturday, January 5, 2008

Real Clear Politics 1/5/07 Post Iowa

Real Clear Politics Saturday

Clinton Machine Shaken by Setback - Karen Tumulty, Time
Clinton's Challenge: How Hard to Hit Obama? - Calmes & Chozick, WSJ
Hillary Should Be Running Scared - Roger Simon, The Politico
Romney's New Role: Agent of Change - Michael Shear, Washington Post
Why is Romney Now the Change Candidate? - Byron York, NRO
Hillary's Pitch To Young Voters Falls Flat - Thomas Edsall, Huffington Post
Dinner With the Democrats in NH - Jonathan Last, Weekly Standard
Obama's Youth Vote Triumph - David Von Drehle, Time
Campaigns Plumbing the Independent Mind - Jeff Zeleny, New York Times
New Hampshire: McCain 32.7, Romney 27.8 | Obama 33.2, Clinton 31.2
The RCP Blog: GOP Debate Winners & Losers / Latest '08 Polls: NH Polls

RCP Morning Edition

The Race Is On - But Where's the Meat? - Michael Barone, Times of London
Both Clintons' Legacies May Rest on N.H. - John Harris, The Politico
A Second Clinton Comeback? - Patrick Healy & John Broder, New York Times
Huckabee Suddenly a Serious Contender - Terry Eastland, Weekly Standard
The End of the Clintoncene Epoch? - Ryan Lizza, The New Yorker
Phoniness, Not Mormonism, Defeated Romney - Michael Medved, Townhall
The Lesson of Iowa Is Change - David Shribman, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
What Would Hillary Rodham Do? - Gail Collins, New York Times
Previewing An Obama-McCain Showdown - Reid Wilson, Politics Nation
It's the Secular Left vs. Christian Left - Mark Steyn, Orange County Register
The Fair Tax Finds Its Moment in the Sun - Justin Fox, Time
Nation Needs Tax-Reform, Not Populism - Larry Kudlow, RealClearPolitics
The Iowa Fallout: A Primer on Momentum - Jay Cost, HorseRaceBlog
Bhutto's Deadly Legacy - William Dalrymple, International Herald Tribune
No Relief in Bush Homestretch - Ann McFeatters, Boston Herald
How to Remember 1968 - Todd Gitlin, Los Angeles Times
The Politics of Iraq Body Counts - N. Munro & C. Cannon, National Journal
RCP Blog: NH: Obama, McCain Up / Politics Nation: Morning Thoughts
More on RealClear: Latest Polls | '08 Videos | Sports | Markets | Blogs


The Iowa Message - Wall Street Journal
The Political Road Ahead - New York Times
US Poll Points To New Generation - The Australian
Exit the 'Axis of Evil'? - Chicago Tribune

Political News & Analysis

Obama, Huckabee Challenge the Establishment - Wall Street Journal
Romney Embraces Theme Used to Beat Him - New York Times
Obama Lands in N.H. Ready to Fight - Los Angeles Times
Playing Catch-Up May Be Harder This Time - Washington Post

Transcripts & Speeches

Hillary Clinton: Clinton Speaks To N.H. 100 Club
Special Report w/Brit Hume: Panel Looks At Democratic Race
Special Report w/Brit Hume: Roundtable On Republican Race
The NewsHour: Huckabee Reflects On Iowa Win
The Situation Room: Edwards In "The Situation Room"


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