Saturday, August 2, 2008

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Real Clear Politics

An Unstable Presidential Campaign - Michael Barone, US News & World Rpt
Low Road Hurts McCain, But It's His Best Chance - J. Heilemann, NY Mag
When Is McCain Going to Get Serious? - Dick Morris & Eileen McGann, Fox
Dems Anxious for Obama to Widen Lead - Edward Luce, Financial Times
Pollsters Try to Navigate Tricky Race Issue - Ellen Gamerman, WSJ
Running While Black - Bob Herbert, New York Times
McCain's Rewards of Wisdom - Matthew Continetti, Weekly Standard
Obama Thinks, McCain Feels - Richard Reeves, RealClearPolitics
A GOP Choice: Tom Coburn or Ted Stevens - John Fund, Wall Street Journal
In Senate, GOP Bracing For Cold November - Jennifer Duffy, National Jrnl
Behind the Indian Embassy Bombing - Robert Kaplan, The Atlantic
How the US Can Get Its Groove Back - John Shattuck, Boston Globe
Don't Weep For Doha - Daniel Ikenson, The Australian
Making Capitalism More Creative - Bill Gates, Time Magazine
40 Years After Selling of a President - Richard Byrne, American Prospect
1864: One of History's Most Consequential Elections - Ken Walsh, US News
The Price of Saying Sorry - Christopher Caldwell, Financial Times
'08 Videos: Plouffe Hits 'Gutter' Campaign | McCain Ad Mocks 'The One'
National Tracking Polls: Gallup: Tied | Rasmussen: Obama +1


Will McCain's Negative Blitz Do Him Any Good? - The Economist
Anthrax: Still No Answers - New York Post
Time For Real Fuel Economy - New York Times
Obama's Phony 'Emergency' - Investor's Business Daily

Political News & Analysis

Obama Softens Stance on Drilling - St. Petersburg Times
McCain Talks Drilling, Vouchers at Urban League - Miami Herald
Race Proves to Be Persistent Issue - Washington Post
House GOP Revolts Over Gas Prices - The Politico


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