Thursday, November 6, 2008

US Political Headlines

The Meaning of Obama's Win - Nancy Gibbs, Time
Now We Need to Know What 'Change' Means - Simon Heffer, The Telegraph
Stepping into the Sunshine - Eugene Robinson, Washington Post
Closing the Door on Victimhood - Joan Vennochi, Boston Globe
Make Haste Slowly, President Obama? - Victor Davis Hanson, NRO
Note to Obama: Now Is the Time to Be Bold - Errol Louis, NY Daily News
Now We Know: The Left's View of US Is Wrong - Greg Sheridan, Australian
'Yes We Can.' But Can He? - Timothy Garton Ash, Globe and Mail
How the President-Elect Did It - Karl Rove, Wall Street Journal
Landslide That Doesn't Feel All Liberal - Froma Harrop, Providence Journal
Unity? No, Thank You - David Harsanyi, Denver Post
Glow of Obama's Win Good Enough For Now - John Heilemann, NY Mag
Republicans Need to Stop Digging - Rep. Marsha Blackburn, RealClearPolitics
Republicans: 1st Day of the Rest of Your Lives - Stuart Rothenberg, Roll Call
What Would Goldwater Do? - George Will, Washington Post
A Crash Course for the New President - Claus Christian Malzahn, Der Spiegel
Obama's Miraculous March to the White House - Steve Forbes, Forbes

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