Thursday, February 4, 2010

Ron Paul on Tea Party Movement

The first national Tea Party Convention convenes in Nashville, TN today and can be viewed live on Pajamas Media TV. Ron Paul answered questions regarding the movement in an interview with the National Journal online. Excerpt:

National Journal: The Tea Party has evolved largely through citizen groups. But you also have the Nashville convention coming up, where Sarah Palin will be a central figure. How do you feel about her role in sort this movement that often prides itself as leaderless?
Paul: The question of a leaderless movement, I think that’s hard to totally conceive of. I can see an amorphous movement, where there’s not one single person that owns the movement. But I think there’s always a leader. To me, the real leadership has to come philosophically in what you believe in, and certain individuals represent those views. But when it’s a philosophic movement, it can be amorphous. It can be spread out. To me, it’s sort of like asking, “Who’s the leader of the Keynesian economic philosophy?” Everybody’s a Keynesian in Washington because they believe in government intervention in the economy, but there’s no one single leader
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The question on leadership could derail negative press .

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