Monday, September 12, 2011

9/11 Commentary 10 years Later

Myth And Reality After 911- Victor David Hanson

Al-Qaeda's zealots of yesteryear turning to politics, democracy - Doug Sanders Cananda's Globe and Mail

U.S. Now Less Secure, Less Free - Doug Bandow Japan Times

Events since 9/11 vindicate Bush Doctrine - Michael Jergenson Miami Herald (Washington Post)

U.S. Survived predictions of doom - Nick Bryant Real Clear World

Sept. 11's Self Inflicted Wounds - George F. Will Washington Post

Iran's Leader says US planned attacks - Newsweek Report

The Decade At War - Robert Haddick Financial Times

Protecting America A cost benefit Perspective - Doyle McManus Los Angeles Times

What if 9/11 never happened - The Daily Beast Nial Ferguson

The Worst Mistake America Made After 9/11 - Anne Applebaum Slate

Simply Evil - Christopher Hitchens Slate

Washington Times Investigative Report  (IN-DEPTH INVESTIGATIVE REPORT)

Our Foreign Policy Blind Spots - Democracy Journal Leslie H. Gelb

The Middle East Ten Years After 9/11 - Chicago Project on Security and Terrorism Rami Khouri

The Spirit of September 12 - Project Syndicate Michael Mandelbaum

China's Chance: How 9/11 played into Beijing's plans in Asia

Reflections on 9/11 and its aftermath - Global Public Square Fareed Zakaria

The Next Ten Years of Al-Qaeda -The National Interest Zalmay Khalilzad

The Uncontrollable Momentum of War - New York Times Rory Stewart

9/11 What Didn't Change -  Mother Jones David Corn

The 9/11 President - The American Prospect Steve Erickson

The Iraq War Will cost Us $3 Trillion and Much More - Washington Post Joseph E. Stiglitz and Linda J. Bilmes (3/9/2008)

A world without 9/11: No President Obama, more China trouble, same debt crisis

The West is still paying the price of 9/11 - UK Telegraph

Payback feels right, but leads to more terrorism - Bloomberg Robert Wright

Success and excess mark the decade since 9/11 -  USA Today

Jonathan Kay on 9/11: How the tradgedy made Cnada a bolder, prouder nation - National Post

This Decade at War: Foreign Policy Robert Haddick

Did Osama Win? -  Andrew Sullivan The Daily Beast

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