Sunday, January 6, 2008

Darfor Sudan- Activist Simon Deng Answers

Human Rights activist Simon Deng answers the question, "What's going on in Sudan?" From Deng's perspective, the US response to the Sudanese government's actions depends on who is in power and which group is the victim of genocide.

Deng sees the Sudanese people as his family - both Muslims and Christians. Deng explained: when the Muslims are the victims of genocide - the democrats get involved - when the Christians are victims - the Republicans stand up for justice.

From Deng's first-hand perspective, the divide isn't over religion but rather Arab Vs. African identity politics.

The Arabs don't claim brotherhood with the black Muslims but see them as a separate people.


Nathan Kleinman said...

Thanks for posting this video

I quite disagree with Simon's explanation that when Muslims are the victims, Democrats get involved, and when Christians are the victims, Republicans get involved.

Many conservatives and Republicans are involved in the movement for Darfur, while many liberals and Democrats are involved in the movement for South Sudan.

My motivation for become an activist for all Sudan has nothing to do with my religion or political perspective. I am against oppression everywhere, regardless of the identity of its victims.

For more information on Sudan, check out my news blog:


Darin said...

Thank you for stopping by, clarifying your position and caring about people in this world who are suffering.

I'm glad to hear there is a collaborative bipartisan effort to help conditions in Sudan.

If I hadn't looked into Simon's eyes and felt his desire for peace - I might have ignored what was happening so far away.

I wanted to facilitate his message and hope this tiny bit of effort makes a small difference.

Best Regards,
Darin Codon