Thursday, January 17, 2008

RCP Links 1/17/07

Early Morning Update

The Perils of Identity Politics - Christopher Hitchens, Wall Street Journal
Dems Can't Ignore White Working Class - E.J. Dionne, Washington Post
McCain No Longer a Maverick in S.C. - David Paul Kuhn, The Politico
Can Romney Catch On? - Jay Cost, HorseRaceBlog
Black Dreams, White Liberals - Charles Krauthammer, Washington Post
Rethinking Iran - Samantha Power, Time
Stopping Iran: The Case Still Stands - Norman Podhoretz, Commentary
A Political-Risk Outlook for 2008 - Ian Bremmer, RealClearPolitics

Real Clear Politics Thursday

RCP Afternoon Edition

Can John McCain Mend Fences? - David Freddoso, National Review Online
Huckabee Goes National on a Shoestring - Laura Meckler, Wall St. Journal
Obama: The Visionary Minimalist - Cass Sunstein, The New Republic
Clinton/Obama or Obama/Clinton? - Ellen Goodman, Boston Globe
Why I Like Fred Thompson - Alicia Colon Commentary
The Hypocrisy of Suppressing the Vote in Nevada - John Fund, WSJ
GOP Funk Slows Turnout, Money - J. VandeHei & J. Harris, The Politico
Will Dems Ever Acknowledge Progress in Iraq? - Mort Kondracke, Roll Call
Democrats Winning the Debate on Taxes & Economy - Democracy Corps
Open Letter to NY Times Readers - Daniel Finkelstein, Times of London
Latest Polls: South Carolina, Florida & New Jersey / Videos: Election '08
RCP Blog: Hillary on NV Suit | PM Line / Politics Nation: Mitt Done n/SC?

RCP Morning Edition

Clinton Pulls Race Card, Obama May Fold - Margaret Carlson, Bloomberg
Misstep in a Liberal Minefield - George Will, Washington Post
Old Warrior, Go Home - Debra Saunders, San Francisco Chronicle
In Michigan, Mitt Finally Sold the Real Romney - Byron York, USA Today
Will Romney 3.0 Work Outside of Michigan? - Duffy & Tumulty, Time
South Carolina is Thompson's Turn - Quin Hillyer, The American Spectator
The Use and Abuse of Reagan - Victor Davis Hanson, RealClearPolitics
Class, Not Race, Divides the Democrats - Marie Cocco, Newsday
A Democratic Field Without an Executive - David Broder, Washington Post
Clinton's 'Vetting' Attack - Robert Novak, Chicago Sun-Times
Can Giuliani Get Into the Game in Florida? - Stuart Rothenberg, Roll Call
Notes on the GOP Race - John Ellis, RealClearPolitics
Democrats Go Upscale in '08 - Ronald Brownstein, National Journal
The Education of Ben Bernanke - Roger Lowenstein, NY Times Magazine
What Can We Infer from $900 Gold? - Paul Hoffmeister, RealClearMarkets
School Choice Isn't Enough - Sol Stern, City Journal
The Ideology of Canada's "Liberal" Elites - David Warren, Ottawa Citizen
RCP '08 Charts: Democratic Nomination | Republican Nomination
RCP Blog: SC Track: Steady as She Goes / Politics Nation: Vegas Time


The War in Afghanistan - Washington Post
Republicans' 2008 Senate Prospects Look Dismal - Washington Times
A Political Fight Coming on Trade - The Hill
The New York Times' Killer-Vet Lie - New York Post

Political News & Analysis

Clinton Accuses Obama of $1 Trillion Tax Increase - Associated Press
Candidates Flood State in Dash to the Wire - The State
In South Carolina, the Campaign Mud Arrived Before Santa - NYT
GOP Funk Slows Turnout, Money - Politico


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