Thursday, January 17, 2008

The story on the McCain side from Michigan

This is from a campaign volunteer for the McCain campaign who spent 2 months in Iowa working to bring out caucus-goers in support of the senator. Owen recently sent pictures and material from his blog from Michigan: (I love the picture of the FOX station-wagon, as John Stewart put it recently).

I went with the advance team this morning to set up for one of McCain's four events today. "Advance" are people who set up an event hours before the principal ever takes the stage. They're in charge of set design, sound, placement of people, preparation of note cards (VIPs, elected officials, and others who need to be thanked), press area, registration, coat check, and myriad other details that need to be in order for an event to run smoothly.

Hanging the McCain Sign

Raising the McCain Sign

Today's event is at Hope College, a campus with 3,000 students in Holland Michigan.

Maas Auditorium

Officially, the event is sponsored by the College Republicans, who have publicized all over campus and the city. We were expecting around 300 people, but the event hasn't even started yet, and we're already at standing room only, starting to run into the hall, and there's still a line outside in the snow of people waiting to get in.

Framed by Campus Sculpture

Waiting Outside Sign

Can they vote?

Can They Vote?

The racks set up are full, and coats are being piled on tables and the floor

No Room at the Coatcheck


Local media broadcasting before the event begins

Local Media

Fox jeep, with a great wrap

Full House Inside

Full House

Veteran and Volunteer

Veteran and Volunteer

Happy Front Row

Happy Front Row

Asking a Question

Taking a Question

Talking with supporters

With Supporter

Press Pack

Press Pack

Straight Talk Express

Straight Talk Express

McCain Train

McCain Train

Photos and narrative by Owen Paun

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