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Colin Powell Endorses Obama - Buzz Around the Internets

<a href="">Powell Endorses Obama, Criticizes GOP's Tone : NPR</a>

Powell Endorsement Stories From Around the Internet:

The Colin Powell endorsement: Triumph of hope over reality
Michelle Malkin - 8 hours ago
Gravitas. The media's in a tizzy over Colin Powell's Meet the Press endorsement of Barack Obama this morning. It's not a surprise to anyone who's paid attention to his pro-Obama murmurings over the last four months.
Powell's Obama Endorsement Sparks Reaction: "Nail In The Coffin" For McCain
The Full Feed from - 4 hours ago
Colin Powell's endorsement of Barack Obama reverberated throughout the world of politics, with lawmakers and pundits across the political spectrum declaring it a huge boost for the Democratic contender.
Colin Powell Endorses Barack Obama
Liberal Values - 11 hours ago
Colin Powell endorsed Barack Obama on Meet the Press this morning. While endorsements have limited value, this endorsement might be more significant than usual as it helps Obama on two different fronts–credibility as Commander-in-Chief and in...
Colin Powell endorses Barack Obama
Scott's DiaTribes - 10 hours ago
I've been a tad busy today, so I didn't hear about former Secretary of State Colin Powell's endorsement of Barack Obama until this afternoon.
General Powell Endorses Obama Electoral Projections Done ... - 13 hours ago
My predisposition is to be skeptical of the value of endorsements in presidential general elections. Endorsements generally serve as an informational shortcut for voters, and therefore their importance tends to be inversely proportional to the ...
Colin Powell Meet the Press Obama Endorsement VIDEO
Bitten and Bound - 9 hours ago
Colin Powell, retired US Army General and Secretary of State from 2001-2005 made an announcement today on Meet the Press that has startled some and pleased others.
Colin Powell is Black Again
Booman Tribune - 8 hours ago
The only reason Colin Powell endorsed Barack Obama is because he's a racist, or, at the very least, because they're both soul brothers.
Powell Endorses Obama Candidacy
A Soldier's Perspective - 4 hours ago
Retired Army General and former Bush Secretary of State Colin Powell announced today that he is endorsing Senator Barack Obama for president.
Axelrod on the Powell Endorsement, Why McCain and Palin Are Good for Obama
The Politicker - 10 hours ago
FAYETTEVILLE, NC—Barack Obama's chief strategist David Axelrod said this afternoon that the endorsement of his candidate by Colin Powell had "slammed the door" on attempts by Republicans to suggest that there is something less than patriotic ...
Go-Bama! (Colin Powell Endorses Barack Obama)
An Inch At A Time: Reflections on the Journey - 9 hours ago
So here's the news ... in case you missed it like I did because you were on a plane to Chicago ... ... or whatever. It's the seven minute segment from this morning's "Meet the Press" and I think it's worth listening to the whole thing ... not ...
Colin Powell helps Obama - Why?
John Redwood's Diary - 38 minutes ago
Early on in Obama's campaign for the nomination I drew attention to the excellent speeches and the new model of fund raising he was using.
Colin Powell and Barack Obama
TommyWonk - 6 hours ago
First, and most immediately, it will shape the news for the next several days, and will interrupt the McCain campaign's message for the better part of the week.
Colin Powell Endorses Obama
Stop The ACLU - 12 hours ago
Its no surprise, but will it influence the mind of independent undecided voters? For folks like my aunt, it very well could. While she did not like McCain, she was also afraid of the ties and inexperience of Obama.
On Colin Powell, Barack Obama, and Endorsements
historymike - 10 hours ago
Former Secretary of State Colin Powell endorsed Barack Obama for president on this morning, calling the Illinois senator a "transformational figure" whose campaign is one of inclusion and representative of "a new generation coming onto the ...
Has Move To Discredit Powell Over Obama Endorsement Begun?
The Moderate Voice - 3 hours ago
When former Secretary of State Colin Powell endorsed Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama today, Powell's explanations of why were a kind of laundry list of why many independent voters have recently been breaking for Obama over ...
Why Is It News That Colin Powell Backs Barack Hussein Obama, Junior? He's Been Working With Obama For Some ...
Independent Conservative - 11 hours ago
See the post from over a year ago titled Colin Powell, He'sa Liberal After All… And then you'll wonder why this story is even a news headliner: Colin Powell backs Barack Obama.
Just the Red Pill: Colin Powell Endorses Obama, Rebukes the Hate-based politics of the Republican Party blogs - 6 hours ago
Today former Secretary of State and Republican Colin Powell endorsed Barack Obama for President of the United States. It was a stunning blow to the McCain campaign, and a repudiation of the failed politics and ideology of a Republican Party ...
ICEDOTCOM - 6 hours ago
For all you racist red neck idiots who supposedly fear for your safety in terms of terrorism if Barack Obama becomes President because he has loose associations with Bill Ayers, has a Muslim name, and would sit and talk peace with foreign ...
Colin Powell Endorses Barack Obama… So what?
PUMA - 12 hours ago
Congratulations to Barack Obama for getting the coveted Colin Powell endorsement. However, other than feelings of excitement and the consequent back slapping and champagne cork popping going on at Team Obama HQ, what else does Colin Powell add ...
Colin Powell endorsement fallout
Brendan Nyhan - 6 hours ago
What's the effect of Colin Powell's endorsement of Barack Obama this morning on Meet the Press? Matthew Yglesias suggests that "It's a signal to every right-of-center person who maybe thinks the GOP has gotten too right-of-center that Obama's okay.
Meet the Press - Colin Powell Endorses Barack Obama
Obama statement......"I am beyond honored". Watch the whole Meet the Press telecast. Powell says Obama is transformational and steady and John McCain is unsure.....Ouch..... Rush Limbaugh says it is based on race...saying that he is going to ...
General Colin Powell Endorses Barack Obama
Kevin Tracy - 8 hours ago
On Meet the Press this morning, Colin Powell made a significant amount of news by endorsing Senator Barack Obama's candidacy for the Presidency of the United States.
Colin Powell endorses Obama
Theodore's World - 7 hours ago
Former Secretary of State Colin Powell announced Sunday that he will be voting for Sen. Barack Obama, citing the Democrat's "ability to inspire" and the "inclusive nature of his campaign.
A Political Must See: Colin Powell Endorses Barack Obama
The Rabbi Report - 11 hours ago
This morning on NBC's Meet the Press, General Colin Powell (Ret.) thoughtfully and with great detail discussed both John McCain and Barack Obama and the reasoning behind his endorsement of Senator Obama.
Colin Powell's Endorsement of Obama--Puts Nail in the Coffin of the McCain Campaign. . .
Political Intersection: Where Race & Gender Intersect ... - 8 hours ago
I must admit as a moderate republican who leans slightly right of center, I stood in shock and awe of Gen. Powell's very public endorsement this morning of Senator Obama for President.
Powell's endorsement of Obama: A gesture
Rational Review » RRND Commentary - 7 hours ago
"As someone who once encouraged General Colin Powell to run for president (you can look it up on this site), I am disappointed by his endorsement of Barack Obama.
Colin Powell Endorses Barack Obama for President of the United States
Political Byline - 11 hours ago
Originally, I was going to word this article much differently. But I scrapped it. This is my take on Colin Powell's endorsement of Obama.
A Children's Treasury of Wingnut Responses To Powell Endorsing Obama
Wonkette: The DC Gossip » top - 3 hours ago
Everybody expected Colin Powell to endorse Barack Obama today, on the teevee, and guess what? Colin Powell endorsed Barack Obama! Considering Powell's professional and political service, it's maybe not so surprising that he'd prefer the ...
With Powell endorsement and fundraising report, Obama has already won Sunday
Campaign Diaries - 12 hours ago
Just as the narrative of a McCain comeback was starting to emerge, Democrats woke up to two amazing pieces of news this morning that should quiet down talk of an Obama weakening - at least temporarily.
Obama Gets Colin Powell's Endorsement and 150 Million Fundraising Haul in September
The Francis L. Holland Blog - 11 hours ago
Senator Barack Obama is on a roll today, winning both the endorsement of Republican Secretary of State Colin Powell and announcing a 150 million dollar fundraising haul for the month of September, which is as much as fifty percent more than ...
Colin Powell Decimates McCain's Rationale
The Jed Report - 4 hours ago
I've spent most of the afternoon (and early evening) putting together a new montage of Colin Powell's endorsement, along with video clips from the campaign trail supporting his key points.
Colin Powell endorses Barack Obama
Werner Patels - A Dose of Common Sense - 8 hours ago
been clear for a while now that the next president of the United States will be Barack Obama, but nothing puts paid to John McCain's chances like Colin Powell's endorsement of Obama for president.
Colin Powell Backs Obama
Voices from Russia - 7 hours ago
Colin Powell, a former US Secretary of State, endorsed Democrat Barack Obama for president. Mr Powell, a Republican, said Obama is a transformational figure who is qualified to lead the country.
Colin Powell Will Campaign For Obama Like Fred Thompson Wished He Could Have For Himself
Post Politics: Political News and Views in Tennessee - 3 hours ago
Powell discounts the chief arguments McCain has made for his candidacy and against Obama's. He said he won't stump for the Democratic nominee, but he doesn't have to.
Has Powell batted in the winning runs for Obama? - 11 hours ago
In a powerful appearance on Meet The Press which is well worth viewing, Colin Powell today set out the reasons why he will be casting his vote for Barack Obama, praising his steadiness, intellectual curiosity and vigour, and his depth of knowledge.
Powell endorses Obama: 'Meet the Press' video / transcript
read my mind | online monologues of a luckless dreamer - 5 hours ago
After months of speculation, retired general, former National Security Advisor and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Colin Powell has endorsed Barack Obama for president in 'Meet the Press' (transcript and video below), praising the ...
John McCain on Colin Powell:
Grasping Reality with Both Hands: The Semi-Daily ... - 10 hours ago
When the people you say you admire the most--people like John Lewis and Colin Powell--say that your campaign is a sleazy disgrace, it is time to hang it up and drop out.
Colin Powell endorses Barack Obama
Blogging Black Miami - 7 hours ago
The political world has been abuzz all day with news of General Colin Powell's endorsement of Senator Barack Obama for POTUS. Also as expected, Senator John McCain and the Republican Party have tried to poo-poo Powell's endorsement.
Powell's Obama endorsement
Stephen Laniel's Unspecified Bunker - 8 hours ago
Colin Powell's endorsement of Barack Obama is really moving, and I commend him for it. At the same time, I have concerns about Powell, and a question: More than most anyone, Powell is responsible for convincing the country to go to war in Iraq.
How Severe Will the Backlash Against Colin Powell Be From the Right?
Dan Cody - "Left on the Lake" - 2 hours ago
It's mostly a rhetorical question, but in light of Colin Powell's overwhelming endorsement of Barack Obama today combined with his slamming the entire McCain campaign strategy, it's going to be interesting to see how quickly and ...
General Colin Powell names his pick to be the next US president
Good Brownie - 3 hours ago
If you've paid attention to politics, Powell's endorsement really shouldn't come as a complete surprise. Yes, he's a Republican and a military man, just like John McCain.
Colin Powell Supports Obama - Fears More Conservatives On The Supreme Court
Politics, Policy, Pathology and Hope WITHIN The Black ... - 8 hours ago
For many people in the Black press the story will be "Colin Powell comes back to his senses and supports Obama". If you notice the key justifications for his move - "The Republicans are calling Obama a Muslim" and "McCain will appoint 2 more ...
General Colin Powell endorses Obama
The Masson Family Blog - 7 hours ago
There was a time when I believed Colin Powell would be the first African American President of the United States. I'm pretty sure I would even have voted for him.
Colin Powell: Country First
Daily Kos - 10 hours ago
Colin Powell knows he blew it as Secretary of State and practiced a little redemption today by endorsing Barack Obama. He exposed the wrong direction of the Republican party and expressed a desire for an all inclusive leader to guide us in the ...
Barack Obama gets Colin Powell backing
The Swamp - 17 hours ago
by John McCormick, updated Sen. Barack Obama's Democratic presidential bid has won the backing of former Secretary of State Colin Powell in a much anticipated endorsement from a Republican with impressive foreign policy credentials.
Powell Endorses Obama for President
Gay News from Gay Agenda - - 11 hours ago
Earlier today, former Secretary of State Colin L. Powell endorsed Senator Barack Obama for president. He stated Obama is reaching out to a "more diverse and inclusive way across our society" and offering a "calm, patient, intellectual, ...
Brzezinski: Powell Endorsement A "Comprehensive Indictment" Of McCain-Palin Ticket
The Full Feed from - 15 hours ago
In his Sunday appearance on NBC's Meet the Press, Powell laid out an expansive endorsement of Obama, saying he is convinced that the Illinois Democrat has "met the standard" of perhaps becoming "an exceptional president" and a "transformational figure.
Colin Powell Endorses Obama
Joe. My. God. - 14 hours ago
Finally: Colin Powell, who was secretary of state in the Bush administration, broke with his party Sunday to offer a stunning and powerfully worded endorsement to Senator Barack Obama's presidential candidacy.
Colin Powell Endorses Barack Obama
Blanca DeBree Blog - 15 hours ago
The creator of the self-eponymous Powell Doctrine has endorsed Barack Obama for President of the United States of America. Life just got even harder for John McCain.
Endorsement watch: Colin Powell
Off the Kuff - 11 hours ago
It had been rumored for months, but today it happened: Former Secretary of State for President Bush Colin Powell has endorsed Barack Obama.
Powell's Finest Moment
Informed Comment - 2 hours ago
What is remarkable to me about Colin Powell's endorsement of Barack Obama on Meet the Press was its sincerity and the form of its reasoning.
Colin Powell Endorses Barack Obama
I Dreamed I Saw Grace P. Last Night - 2 hours ago
Today, I watched Meet the Press, and had the opportunity to hear and see Colin Powell endorse Barack Obama. In listening to his conversation with Tom Brokaw, Powell was very thoughtful in his reflections saying that both Obama and McCain were ...
Colin Powell Endorses Obama
Indie Vision Music - 11 hours ago
I know this isn't music related but there wasn't much else to post today. Plus we are in a political season and it's good to keep everyone informed (and in discussion).
Transfering Trancendence: How Powell's Endorsement Helps McCain
Post Politics: Political News and Views in Tennessee - 13 hours ago
This action by Powell is being seen, predictably, as one of the final nails in the coffin of the candidacy of John McCain. A man who has in his own career transcended race, a man who spent much of his life in service of Republican Presidents, a ...
Colin Powell Confirms Endorsement Rumors
HicktownPress - 9 hours ago
I was very happy that the rumors of Colin Powell supporting Barack turned out to be true. Most have heard by now that retired General, Colin Powell has endorsed Barack.
Colin Powell endorses Barack Obama
Evil Beet Gossip - 11 hours ago
Republican and former US Secretary of State under President George W. Bush has endorsed Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama.
Colin Powell Endorses Barack Obama
The Moderate Voice - 17 hours ago
As had been widely anticipated, Colin Powell came on Meet the Press this morning and endorsed Barack Obama for President. His reasons?
Former Bush Secretary of State Powell Endorses Obama
RushPRnews - Newswire - Read. Write. Publish. It's your ... - 5 hours ago
By Paula Wolfson Washington,DC(RushPRnews)10/19/08–Former US Secretary of State Colin Powell says he is backing Democrat Barack Obama for president.
Colin Powell Endorses Obama. Plus, Northern Virginia Not the Real Virginia?
The Political Junkie - 10 hours ago
WASHINGTON - Former Secretary of State Colin L. Powell endorsed Senator Barack Obama for president on Sunday morning, calling him a "transformational figure" who has reached out to all Americans with an inclusive campaign and displayed "a...
Colin Powell criticizes fellow Republicans, backs Obama
Tales from the Trail - 12 hours ago
WASHINGTON - Colin Powell, a retired US Army general and former secretary of state in the Bush administration, criticized fellow Republicans on Sunday and endorsed Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama.


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