Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Iowa Resident Contributions to Presidential Campaigns 2008

The total for Iowa state is based on donations of over $200 from individuals, according to The data was compiled from the Federal Election Commission as of October 16, 2007.

Mitt Romney $143,825

Hillary Clinton $123,038

Thomas J. Vilsack $116,850
 *Vilsack dropped out of the race in February. He served two terms as the Governor of Iowa
Barack Obama $98,664

John Edwards $84,175

Rudolph W. Giuliani $63,850

John McCain $43,873

Ron Paul $39,796

Bill Richardson $35,910

Joseph R. Biden Jr. $24,150

Tommy Thompson $22,190
*Thompson dropped out of the race in August.
Mike Huckabee $19,327

Sam Brownback $15,924
*Brownback dropped out of the race in October
Fred Thompson $11,550

Christopher J. Dodd $10,150

Dennis J. Kucinich $8,694

Tom Tancredo $8,425
*Tancredo recently announced his withdrawal from the race and endorsed Mitt Romney.
Duncan Hunter $2,100

Mike Gravel $450

Alan L. Keyes $200

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