Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Dr. Hugh Cort, presidential candidate at veterans event

An interesting character speaking before the Circle of Friends for American Veterans event was Republican presidential candidate, Dr. Hugh Cort. Cort, a psychiatrist from Alabama, was especially charismatic and dead serious with his message, providing a handout describing an Al Qaeda web threat released in August 2007. Cort says he is an "internationally recognized counter-terrorism expert" and the only "true conservative" running for election. Cort claims a disaster is heading towards America that is "a million times worse than 9/11."
Cort was advised by FOX News military analyst, General Tom McInerney, to bomb what they say are 24 nuclear sites in Iran. One of Cort's five questions for America is "Do you want to stop Iran from getting nuclear weapons and starting World War III where 200 million or more people may die?" It may be time to invest in a nice, thick-walled-underground bomb shelter at this rate.

On the ballot in 15 states, Cort stands for balancing the budget by stopping pork barrel spending, wining the Iraq war with another surge, bombing Iran, abolishing the IRS, banning gay marriage, building a border fence along Mexico and preserving Christian traditions.

Footage and story by Heather Turner

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