Tuesday, January 1, 2008

How to Caucus for John McCain

Since the one-time mentioning of the suspicion of me being a spy, I have continued to make friends with many of the McCain campaigners. The leaders don't seem to think I am attempting sabotage (which I am most certainly not!) They realized my media experience could come in handy to the benefit of the McCain campaign. I was more than happy to help direct and produce an intentionally ghetto-style video for the campaigners describing the caucus process and how 'easy and fun it is to caucus for John McCain.' I am just doing my part as a participant and have come to enjoy my work within the campaign over these last 5 days, despite all of the hang-ups I have gotten from making phone calls to Iowans. Today, I went down with a group to a restaurant downtown to hold McCain signs for CNN live-feed coverage. We were then interviewed by NPR! (I heart NPR).

It may not look like it, but this video took a lot of work. The second half, describing the Democrat's caucus process is forthcoming!

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