Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Mike Huckabee Rocks New Year's Eve

Chillin' with Huckabee at that country club New Year's Eve was the place to be. Mitt Romney made an appearance early at a venue in downtown Des Moines but retired with his family instead of going to a late night New Year's Party's. Mitt Romney's preparing for an early New Year's Day Football House Party Tour. Hillary Clinton's party was rather anti-climactic - a lot of build up for five minutes of fun. The whole family showed up but the New Year's kiss (part of a script given to the press) didn't demand the size of crowd Clinton hoped for.
From viewing the clips above this text - Huckabee tried harder laying down two songs on the Bass Guitar. The clip above is of Huckabee playing Johnny Be Good a few hours before the ball dropped.

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